AlphaSights hires a Mid-level Fullstack Engineer for a fully remote job.

Mid-level Fullstack Engineer
Mid-level Fullstack Engineer

Location: Americas Only
Job Nature: Full-Time

Who we are

Before telling you about the Mid-Level Fullstack Engineer Remote based job, we will notify you about us:
AlphaSights is a premier worldwide knowledge platform that facilitates rapidly transferring distributed knowledge among our clients, experts, and team members.
Our advanced technology enables professionals from diverse industries like investment firms, consultancies, corporations, and nonprofits to collaborate effortlessly with subject-matter experts.

These experts enhance their clients’ decision-making abilities, improve their critical thinking skills, and drive their businesses forward.
Since its establishment in 2008, AlphaSights has expanded to nine offices globally and employs over 1,500 professionals, consistently ranking as one of the fastest-growing companies worldwide.

The role

As a Mid-Level Fullstack Engineer, you have to play the following roles.
Our Engineering team in Brazil seeks self-motivated and skilled software engineers who take pride in their work. We are committed to expanding our team with individuals eager to solve real problems for our internal and external clients.
As a cross-functional team member, you will work closely with product managers and designers to develop practical solutions. We encourage ownership of your team’s projects, ensuring the highest quality standards in all aspects of development.
You will collaborate with an exceptional international team and contribute to delivering the working code that drives our success.
This opportunity is perfect for you if you are a problem solver and crave a stimulating work environment with talented colleagues.

Mid-level Fullstack Engineer
Mid-level Fullstack Engineer

What you’ll do

Mid-Level Fullstack Engineer at our company will do the following task.

  1. Design solutions: We aim to provide optimal technical solutions to business problems while contributing to an architectural vision that can elevate our research platform to the world’s leader.
  2. We aim to design a robust and adaptable architecture that is flexible enough to accommodate new features and technologies while providing seamless user experiences. 
  3. Ship working code: Our focus is on using React for the front end and Kotlin microservices along with Postgres for the backend, while some of our legacy services are developed in Ruby on Rails.
  4. We strive to maintain a forward-thinking approach and are open to experimenting with new frameworks, libraries, and tools to enhance productivity and create more value for our customers. 
  5. Deploy and iterate: Our development process is centered around a customer-focused approach, with frequent releases made possible by our efficient CI/CD pipelines using CircleCI and Spinnaker. 
  6. Maintenance and troubleshooting: We greatly emphasize meticulous monitoring of our services, proactively identifying and resolving issues before they affect the end-user experience.
  7. Our monitoring process involves comprehensive error detection, diagnosis of the root cause, and swift deployment of fixes.
Mid-level Fullstack Engineer
Mid-level Fullstack Engineer

Who you are

For the post of Mid-Level Fullstack Engineer, you need the following:

  1. While having a degree in a STEM subject is preferred, we welcome candidates who have developed their expertise through alternative routes.
  2. We seek candidates with experience working in a mature Engineering team and looking to progress their career to the next level.
  3. Technical proficiency is required, with experience in at least one frontend framework, particularly React, and proficiency in backend systems using Java, Kotlin, or Ruby. (We use Kotlin and a small amount of Ruby.)
  4. A proven track record of making a meaningful impact in prior roles, distinguishing oneself from colleagues.
  5. Possesses a strong drive and self-initiative, with perseverance to overcome challenges and achieve exceptional results independently.
  6. Displays an outstanding level of attention to detail, upholding high standards of work performance.

Some Extras by us

We encourage applicants from diverse backgrounds and experiences, as we value their unique perspectives in approaching problem-solving with innovation.

We welcome candidates who may not meet the outlined qualifications and encourage them to apply.
However, please note that we cannot provide visa sponsorship for this role. AlphaSights is an equal-opportunity employer committed to creating an inclusive and diverse workplace.

Mid-level Fullstack Engineer
Mid-level Fullstack Engineer

How to Apply

If you read all the instructions for the “Mid-Level Fullstack Engineer” Fully remote job, click the Apply Now button below and submit your resume!

For those seeking executive positions, we also provide information on available scholarship programs 


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