Microservices Software Developer Job In Ottawa

API Developer

Employees of High Tech Genesis are looking for candidates for a Microservices Software Developer Job In Ottawa. The chosen individual will get the chance to work for one of the biggest technological firms. The company is seeking a Microservices Software Developer Job In Ottawa to fill a vacuum. For additional information, go to the official website for IT Jobs in Canada.

In order to collaborate with excellent people and create a fantastic product for one of the biggest telecom companies, High Tech Genesis is seeking eager developers to join our team.

Job Description:

  • Create fresh features and capabilities
  • Encourage RESTful APIs
  • Create, record, and put features in place
  • Work with a range of cross-functional organizations, including QA and development teams.
  • Use the Agile method for the lifetime of software development.
  • Participate in technical conversations and improve the product by introducing new ideas.
  • Conduct peer design/code reviews and take part in them.


  • Excellent Python skills
  • Robust Linux
  • Experienced with Linux-based programming languages (Bash/Python)
  • Practical knowledge of Kubernetes, OpenStack and Docker
  • Having knowledge of the microservices architecture.
  • Able to integrate with third-party products and open-source software
  • Ability to change with the demands of a fast-paced workplace
  • Strong cooperation, problem-solving, and communication abilities.
  • A willingness to investigate and learn about new technology as potential problem-solving tools.
  • Knowledge of JavaScript

Additional Information:

  • To work here, you must be a citizen of Canada, have a work permit, or have a permanent address there.
  • HTG supports workplace diversity. For instance, when conducting interviews, HTG complies with ADA accessibility requirements.
  • Send your resume in MS Word format to apply for this position.
  • Salary is determined by experience.

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