MBA Scholarships in Canada for International Students 2022-23

MBA Scholarships in Canada for International students 2022-23

Today, IT Jobs Update brings the latest MBA Scholarships in Canada for International Students 2022-23. However, study MBA in Canada can cost you approximately CAD 40,000 – 1,50,000 without the scholarship. Students must bear living expenses, health insurance, other essential expenses, etc. But with a scholarship, your costs will be partially or fully funded. So, to study MBA, you need to apply for a scholarship to lessen the burden of expenditures.  

In this Article (MBA Scholarships in Canada for International Students 2022-23) you can choose any scholarship of your interest.
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Here is the List of top MBA Scholarships in Canada for International Students in 2022-23:  

#1 Smith School of Business Scholarships:  

The Robert H.Smith School of business delivers undergraduate/graduate students a chance to study MBA programs in Business, Commerce, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Management analytics, and marketing. They provide their students with Elite education. Approximately $1.2 million has been stored or available for undergraduate scholarships recently. Interested students must apply for this extraordinary scholarship and get a chance to study for an MBA on behalf of the scholarship. Some of the famous scholarships awarded by the Smith School of business are:  

  • Entrance Scholarships  
  • Canadian Government Scholarships  
  • Indigenous & Black Student Scholarship 

However, applicants must apply for the following oral tests to join the Smith School of business. TOEFL and IELTS are required. 

#2 Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) Program: 

High demand and popular scholarship OGS in Canada offers to master’s and doctoral level students funds. It is the merit-based scholarship offered by the top universities in its Ontarian region. This scholarship is highly demanded and most competitive. Those international students who wish to pursue their master’s or a two-year course can apply for the same. Some of the Ontario region-based universities are:  

  1. York University  
  2. University of Windsor 
  3. Wilfrid Laurier University
  4. Western University  
  5. University of Waterloo
  6. Trent University  
  7. University of Toronto 
  8. Ryerson University  
  9. Queen’s University  
  10. University of Ottawa  
  11. University of Ontario Institute of Technology 
  12. OCAD University  
  13. Nipissing University  
  14. McMaster University  
  15. Laurentian University
  16. University of Guelph
  17. Carleton University  
  18. Brock University 
  19. Lakehead University 

Scholarship Value:  

Students will receive CA$ 5000 per semester. Or you might receive CA$ 10,000 throughout two semesters or CA$ 15,000 throughout three semesters.  


  • Enroll in any of the required universities of Ontario.
  • Applicant should be pursuing a two-year course.
  • You must show a minimum of A- in the recent years of study. 


Process application available in October. Deadlines vary with the university.  

#3 Rotman School of Management Scholarships:  

University of Toronto (Rotman School of Management) is one of Canada’s best and most popular Business schools. Around 1/3rd of students enrolled in the Rotman School of Management are granted fellowships and scholarships yearly. This is one of the scholarships that offer a fully funded MBA in Canada.   

Scholarship Types:  

(i) Rotman Entrance Awards and Fellowships:  

  • Funds:
    • Two entrance awards are granted to brilliant students enrolled in morning and evening MBA programs.  
    • Five women will be awarded Business Excellence Awards of about $10,000.  
    • Two mornings MBA will be awarded for MBA Excellence Awards of about $20,000. 
  • Eligibility:  
    • Candidates will be automatically considered for the Rotman Entrance Awards & fellowship by the Rotman School of Management.  
    • Candidates need to fulfill the MBA program admission requirement, which includes TOEFL / IELTS scores, GMAT scores, and interviews.   

(ii) Forté Foundation Scholarships:  

It is a type of Rotman School of Management Scholarships. You must apply.  

  • Funds:  
    • Amount of $40,000.  
  • Eligibility:  
    • Candidates must show their leadership qualities and abilities.  
    • Show your commitment to women or girls through personal mentorship or community involvement.

(iii) MGA / MBA awards:  

  • Funds:  
    • Amount of $30,000.  
  • Eligibility:  
    • This scholarship is offered to brilliant and top students in the MGA (Master of Global Affairs) / MBA programs.  

How to apply for Rotman School of Management Scholarships?  

Applicants will be automatically considered for the award based on their application for Admission. You don’t need to apply separately.  


The deadline for the first application for morning & evening MBA is November.  

#4 Sauder School of Business Entrance Scholarship: 

At the University of British Columbia, the Sauder School of Business offers its brand of (MBA) scholarships in Canada for international students. The students of India who are interested in studying MBA, then this scholarship is for them.                                                                                           

Scholarship Types: 

(i) Global Business Leader of Tomorrow Scholarship:  

This type of scholarship is primarily awarded to those students who have the potential to make a long-lasting impression on Sauder’s Global Brand.  

  • Funds: 
    • Amount between $10,000 – 15,000.

(ii) Accelerated Career Scholarship: 

This well-known award is for candidates with excellent career potential and shows off Sauder’s Commitment to Excellence.  

  • Fund:  
    • Amount $5,000 – $10,000.  
  • Eligibility:  
    • Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT)  
    • Or Graduate Record Examination (GRE)
    • GPA Scores 
    • Other than contributing factors, it includes application essays & interview performance.  

How to apply for the Sauder School of Business Entrance Scholarship?  

You don’t need to submit a separate application for the Sauder Entrance Scholarship. 


  • Early admissions round: December
  • 1st admissions round: February 
  • 2nd admissions round: April 
  • Final admissions round: June

#5 Alberta MBA Scholarships:

The University of Alberta offers scholarships to its citizens and international students. Students who can’t continue their studies can apply for this scholarship. These scholarships are generally available and presented during the MBA program.  

Scholarship Types: 

(i) AIMCO MBA Award: 

This scholarship is offered annually to full-time MBA students Specializing in Finance.  

  • Value:  
    • Amount of $10,000. 

(ii) Claude Winspear MBA Award:

Open for students with leadership skills and academic credentials. And those who are enrolled in a full-time MBA program at Alberta.  

  • Value: 
    • Amount of $10,000.

(iii) Michael Lang MBA Award:  

This scholarship is awarded to full-time candidates.  

  • Fund:  
    • Amount of $10,000.
  • Eligibility:  
    • Should have high academic achievements.
    • Also, excellent outside the classroom.
    • GMAT score.  


  • April 

#6 Ivey MBA Scholarships:

It is one of the most significant merit-based scholarships provided to needy students. There is little chance of availing this scholarship, fully funded.   

Scholarship Type:

(i) Ivey MBA Scholarships: 

Most considerable merit-based scholarship in Canada  

  • Value:  
    • Amount of $10,000 to half tuition.
  • Eligibility:
    • Purely based on Merit and leadership qualities.
    • Parameters include leadership skills, exceptional professional experience, and academic excellence in addition to excellent GMAT Scores.

How to apply for Ivey MBA Scholarships?  

Applicants will be automatically considered for the award based on their application for Admission. You don’t need to apply separately.  

#7 Haskayne School of Business MBA Entrance Scholarship:  

This scholarship offers grants to students who display high GPA and GMAT scores. All international students can apply for this scholarship.  

Scholarship Type:  

(i) Haskayne School of Business MBA Entrance Scholarship:  

This scholarship removes the upcoming difficulties for international students to become Future Leaders.  

  • Value:  
    • Amount of $5,750 annually or $11,500 for two years.


  • The award is merit-based. So, the GPA and GMAT scores should be excellent.  
  • Scholarships are offered to daytime and evening students.  
  • All international students are eligible for a daytime visa.  

How to apply for Haskayne School of Business MBA Entrance Scholarship?  

Applicants will be automatically considered for the award based on their application for Admission. They will evaluate your eligibility.  


  • Fall admission: early submission is January 15 (decision made by March 1). The final Deadline is June 1.  
  • Winter admission: November.  

#8 Desautels Faculty of management scholarships:  

McGill University offers undergraduate, MBA, BCom, and Ph.D. programs in management, analytics, finance, supply chain, and many other diverse fields.   

Meanwhile, their central school also has numerous types of scholarships. Those students who can’t afford it can avail themselves of this scholarship.  

#9 Schulich school of business scholarships:  

Any international student who studies at the Schulich School of business can choose from numerous types of scholarships to Fund their MBA. This school is top-ranked and also a part of York University in Toronto. This school is famous for its full-time MBA program with 10+ specializations.  

MBA scholarships are available in two categories:  

1) Entrance Scholarship for New students:  

Scholarship Types:  

(i) Robert Krembil Scholarship of merit  

  • Value:  
    • Amount of $33,000  

(ii) Seymour Schulich MBA Entrance scholarship  

  • Value:  
    • Amount of $24,200  

(iii) Tanna H.Schulich MBA Entrance Scholarship  

  • Value:  
    • Amount of $24,200.  

(iv) Scotiabank Scholarships in International Business  

  • Value:  
    • Amount of $20,000.
  • Eligibility: 
    • Full-time students will be selected based on their merit. 

2) Continuing Student Awards:  

This type of scholarship is available for already enrolled students in MBA, MPA, and IMBA programs at the University of Schulich.  

Scholarship Types:  

(i) The Thomas Beck MBA Award  

  • Value:  
    • Amount of $5,000

(ii) Carol Anne Letheren Women’s MBA Award  

  • Value:  
    • Amount of $3,000  

(iii) Sony of Canada MBA Scholarship  

  • Value:  
    • Amount of $3,000

(iv) Wigwam Scholarship  

  • Value:  
    • Amount of $25,00  


Awards will be given based on Academic Achievement and also on Specific Criteria.  


For part-time:

  • Ends in early May.  

For full-time:   

  • Entry in January. Deadline in September to October.  
  • Entry in September. Deadline in January to April.  

How to apply for Schulich school of business scholarships 

Full-Time MBA students will be automatically considered for MBA Scholarship in Canada. You don’t need to apply separately. 

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