Machine Learning Engineer

head of UX/UI

Our mission at Weights & Biases is to create the best machine learning developer tools. We seek a Machine Learning Engineer who helps our customers solve complex real-world problems and engage in pioneering research using our developer tools in their machine learning pipelines.

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In this job, you will collaborate with the world’s most sophisticated ML teams working on some of the most challenging ML problems in computer vision, robotics, natural language processing, and more. You will be responsible for making it easy for them to work with our tools. You will get the golden opportunity to work with ML teams across industries to reveal their ML needs, improve their workflow, investigate how W&B fits into their environment, collaborate on projects, and educate them on our product best practices.

Machine learning engineers on our client’s success teams are critical to our customers’ success at Weights & Biases. You will partner with the Customer Success, Support, Product, and Engineering teams to own our customers’ technical integration and success, serving as the primary knowledge owner and face to our customers. You will help drive adoption, understand innovative customer use cases, and serve as the lead troubleshooter in our client’s ML workflow.

Weights & Biases is a C Series company with more than $200 million in funding. Our customers are increasing exponentially, and we face exciting challenges to keep up with growing demand and create a platform essential for machine learning developers. Our clients range from small startups to enterprise companies, including OpenAI, Insitro, Pandora, Toyota Research Institute, Lyft, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Qualcomm.

This is the golden opportunity for a person with the machine learning experience, customer focus, and looking to work with the best ML companies worldwide.

Responsibilities as Machine Learning Engineer

As a Machine Learning Expert, you have to fulfill the following tasks

  • Be an expert in implementing efficient, robust, and reproducible machine learning pipelines for engineering teams using Weights & Biases
  • Effectively carry out best practices for instrumenting machine learning pipelines to our customers as a trusted advisor
  • Work with our customers to uncover their desired outcomes and be a trusted advisor always to help and support them and make them realize the full potential of W&B in solving their problem
  • Provide customer training, product demonstrations, and workshops on best practices and various solutions W&B offers to drive adoption
  • Collaborate with Customer Success Managers to create processes for the post-sale lifecycle (onboarding/training, adoption, workshops, demos, etc.)
  • Work closely with support, product, and engineering teams to influence the product roadmap based on clients’ feedback.

Requirements for Machine Learning Engineer

  • Must have Experience using one or more of the following packages: TensorFlow/Keras, PyTorch Lightning
  • Strong knowledge of Python programming and passion for helping clients who are users of Python deep learning infrastructure.
  • Must have excellent communication and presentation skills, both written and oral
  • Must effectively manage multiple conflicting priorities, respond quickly, and have good time management skills in a fast-paced, dynamic team environment.
  • Strong mental capability to break down complex problems and resolve them through customer consultation and execution.
  • Experience with cloud platforms (AWS, GCP, Azure)
  • Experience with Linux/Unix

A strong plus

  • Knowledge of one or more of the following packages: HuggingFace, Fastai, sci-kit-learn, XGBoost, LightGBM, Ray
  • Experience solving hyperparameter optimization
  • Experience with data engineering, MLOps, and tools like Docker and Kubernetes
  • Experience with data feed tools
  • Experience as an ML trainer and building and delivering customer training, product demos, and workshops at a SaaS company

Who is this role for?

Eagerness for Machine Learning: You understand how exciting the ML space is and how fast it is growing. You are excited to speak with industry leaders at the ML research and development forefront.

Outgoing and Friendly: You will fall in love with this position if you enjoy communicating with real users daily, helping them adopt the Weights & Biases platform, and answering all their questions.

Tech-savvy: Enjoy instrumenting models in PyTorch, Keras, and TensorFlow and understand complex workflows

Autonomous and adaptable: You understand that different companies have different workflows and are excited to solve these challenges

Curious and driven: You want to understand the ML workflow of future customers and prove how Weights & Biases will improve their daily work

Why join us?

Top machine learning teams rely on our tools for their daily work at companies including OpenAI, Toyota Research Institute, Lyft, Samsung, and Pandora.

You never stop learning. This role gives you first-hand Experience talking to leading researchers in the field, understanding their problems, and directly shaping the direction of the product.

Our experienced founding team has a history of successfully building and selling ML tools at an excellent price. Their in-depth knowledge of our industry, empathy for our users, and skillful management drive W&B’s success.

Customers benefit from our tool. Here’s a quote from Wojciech Zaremba, Co-Founder, and Head of Robotics, OpenAI: “W&B makes it possible to extend insights from one researcher to an entire team, and from one machine to hundreds of them.”

A best-in-class product in one of the fastest growing and most significant market segments

Our advantages

🏝️ Unlimited vacation

🩺 100% dental, medical, and vision for employees and family coverage

🏠 Remote first culture with flexibility in the San Francisco office

💵 $500 home office budget with a new high-performance laptop

🥇 competitive pay and fairness

🚼 12 weeks of parental off

📈 401(k)

Our team will encourage you to apply even if your Experience does not perfectly match the job description, as we are looking for diverse and creative perspectives. Team members who enjoy learning and working together in an inclusive environment thrive with us. We aim to provide an equal opportunity to our employees pro and do not differentiate based on religion, race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability. If you need additional accommodations to make you comfortable during your interview, please get in touch with us at [email protected]


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