IT Technology Consultant -TMS

IT Technalogy Consultant

Company: Adidas

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: Market Competitive

Location: Herzogenaurach, Germany

Job Posted: 9-2-22

Job Summary

The role of the Technology Consultant is responsible for the planning, installing, and configuration of software solutions and systems. It is competent to help representatives with explicit applications and give expert advice. The role analyses information systems of Adidas and individualizes specific system solutions to meet the demand of the business.


Specialist Advice

  • Effectively keeps up with information in at least one recognizable specialism.
  • Provides detailed and specific advice regarding the application of their specialism(s) to the organization’s planning and operations.
  • Perceives and distinguishes the limits of their expert information.
  • Teams up with other specialists, where appropriate, to ensure advice given is appropriate to the needs of the organization.

Business Analysis

  • Investigates operational requirements, issues, and opportunities, looking for effective business solutions through upgrades in computerized and non-mechanized components of new or changed processes.
  • Assists in the analysis of stakeholder objectives, and the underlying issues emerging from investigations into business requirements and problems and identifies options for consideration.
  • Works with stakeholders, to identify potential benefits and accessible options for consideration, and in defining acknowledgment tests.
  • Contributes to selection of the business analysis strategies, tools, and techniques for projects; selecting appropriately from predictive (plan-driven) approaches or versatile (iterative/coordinated) approaches.

Software configuration

  • Have to assists in the configuration of software and equipment and the systems testing of platform-specific versions of one or more software products.
  • Also, documents the fault implement resolutions and retests to agreed standards.

Application support

  • Identifies and resolves issues with applications, following agreed procedures.
  • Uses application management software and tools to collect agreed performance statistics.
  • Carries out agreed applications maintenance tasks.

Key Relationships

  • Project work stream leads (Project Management, testing, Solution Architect, etc..)
  • Global IT
  • Respective business function (GOPS, Finance, HR, Brand Marketing, Wholesale/Retail)
  • HR Management
  • Controlling

Knowledge, Capabilities, and Experience

  • Have technical and functional TMS System expertise. Implementation of TMS system as well as a good understanding of Transport Management requirements and process in a DC.
  • WMS System from Manhattan Associate
  • WCS Systems from Solution provider Knapp, DAI, and other
  • Enterprise system landscape understanding
  • Acquiring an understanding of the hidden issues in complex problems or situations by correctly relating these to simpler or better understood concepts, models, or past experiences.
  • Identifying gaps in the available information required to understand a problem or situation and finding solutions to such gaps.
  • Determining a course of action by breaking it down into smaller steps and by planning and resourcing each of these, making allowance for potential problems.
  • Understanding the needs of the internal or external clients and keeping them in mind when taking actions or making decisions
  • Being proactive, taking action, and anticipating opportunities
  • Meeting targets and fulfilling agreements even when adverse circumstances prevail
  • Communicating effectively by word of mouth, writing, and emails
  • Establishing relationships and maintaining contacts with people from a variety of backgrounds.
  • Working cooperatively with others to achieve a common goal.


  • Must have a four-year college or university degree with a focus on Business Administration or IT or related areas, or equivalent combination of education and experience
  • Have a good command of English in both writing and speaking
  • At least 4-year experience in IT
  • 2 years of experience in TMS and related supply Chain Management systems
  • Strong understanding & knowledge of the regional and global market landscape and the respective customer
  • Ability to manage critical elements and cross-functional and regional projects


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