IT Support Engineer in London 

IT Support Engineer in London 

IT Support Engineer in London (Hanger Lane – London)

  •  Hemmersbach
  •  London, UK
  •  Jan 25, 2023

IT Software & SaaS


Skills Required for IT Support Engineer in London:

Previous experience sitting down with the customer to solve problems. Comfortable with a number of deskside technologies developed in a fast-paced environment. Due to the varied nature of the role, this may be subject to better reference or vetting.

IT Support Engineer in London 

Role as IT Support Engineer in London:

As part of a wider yet highly committed support team, you will work directly onsite to provide dedicated deskside and print support services. As an IT Support Engineer in London, you are fully supported by your Service Delivery Manager, your Team Leader, and of course, your colleagues in every aspect of your work with the client.

You will be assigned a variety of tickets throughout the day, addressing each one with empathy, in practice and in principle, with a strong sense of customer service – each ticket will not only be resolved but in the customer’s face, with a smile – a job well done.

This is a role where you will have a direct impact on people’s day-to-day working lives. With nothing more frustrating than a computer or printer not working, you’ll be the go-to person, working directly with customers in a much more profitable way.

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