it specialist network technology

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We are searching for IT Specialist network technology in Germany for our company. If you are looking for the latest IT jobs in Germany, visit our website, IT jobs update, to get more information about top-level IT jobs in different countries. We need a determined and enthusiastic person for our company. If you have the spark to glow, then come and join us. This is the right place for your professional development.


  • As an IT specialist in network technology, you must execute complex network connections in the IP environment for customers (Internet access, networking, etc.) to satisfy your customer.
  • Capable of configuring the devices on site in the office in Ellwangen.
  • You have to remove errors to guarantee trouble-free processes.
  • Maintain and monitor the connections to avoid disruptions to customer connections
  • Manage documentation of solution concepts for the customer in the IP environment
  • Must have the ability to work in the WAN environment, which includes the execution, monitoring and maintenance of Layer 2 or Layer 3 services in our IP-MPLS backbone
  •  Handle On-call service for the IP-MPLS backbone

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it specialist network technology


  • Must have completed training as an IT specialist in the field of network technology or an equivalent qualification
  • Professional experience in OSPF, Ethernet / Layer 2 and other routing protocols
  •  Excellent knowledge of TCP/IP network techniques
  • Expertise in operating a modern carrier network
  • You must be capable of working independently by taking the initiative
  • Always work analytically and goal-oriented
  • You must be enthusiastic and enjoy working in a team
  • Cooperate confidently with colleagues from different departments

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  • We offer collective bargaining agreements and stipend above the collective bargaining agreement
  • Employees will get constant support from fixed contact persons
  • Enjoy the BONUS program “Employees refer employees.”
  • Our company will help you with further education
  • A comfortable working atmosphere with a dynamic team
  • We provide an option to extend or take over

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