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What exactly did you receive? Your career is our first focus! For specific skill sets, an IT employment portal offers professional guidance and intriguing IT work opportunities. The only website where you can look for IT and new technology jobs is regularly refreshes its job listings to provide you with the best opportunity of discovering an IT position that perfectly matches your profile and professional interests. There is an availability of remote  IT Solutions Architect Job in Montreal, Canada.

About Desjardins:

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Job Requirement:

Job Level:


  • For the organization as a whole, you actively monitor system and new technology advances in your role as an IT solutions architect with the goal of pursuing developments with our business partner. 
  • You actively participate in the design of solutions to satisfy business requirements for significant projects or programs that make use of foundational architecture.
  • When working with business partners and experts on the solution or business architecture for strategic, complex, and innovative initiatives, you will assume, from the perspective of the Desjardins Group, a leadership and influencer position. 
  • The files’ nature will call for comprehensive and in-depth knowledge in a number of technical and/or business domains, including topics like data, applications, and infrastructures.
  • You will contribute to files or projects that have a very high level of operational and conceptual complexity by providing recommendations for solutions or business design and producing deliverables relevant to your area of expertise. 
  • These will necessitate research and a thorough understanding of the company and the organization as a whole. The key will be coordination. 
  • You will be required to communicate with a very big number of stakeholders who are experts in various fields. You will therefore require highly honed interpersonal skills.
  • For senior management and decision-making bodies, you will act as an expert advisor and subject matter expert in addition to being a resource and coach.

General Information on the Position:

Main Responsibilities:

  • Act as a subject matter expert and expert advisor for projects and requirements that fall under your purview, have a sizable reach, and may have an effect on the entire Desjardins Group. Projects that blend business and technology and support business strategy should be identified and given top priority.
  • Provide business partners and experts with guidance and support as they position, plan, create, execute, and monitor a variety of strategic mandates that fall under your purview. Organize, administer, and present recommendations on certain technical topics that call for the agreement of numerous stakeholders as needed.
  • To support the strategic programs and activities of your unit, develop and update policies, standards, architecture targets, and supporting foundations or technological solutions, taking into account aspects relating to data, applications, and infrastructures.
  • Determine and examine issues. Mention any pressing issues. Create guidelines and offer suggestions to the committees and decision-making bodies involved
  • Engage senior management committees and decision-making bodies on behalf of your unit.
  • When negotiating and signing contracts with partners or outside organizations, represent Desjardins.

Other working conditions:

Workplace: The position is a hybrid work #LI-Hybrid arrangement.

There is only one job available.


  • Bachelor’s degree in a relevant subject
  • eight years at the very least of related experience
  • understanding of web technologies (.Net and/or Java) for solution development
  • knowledge of implementing software packages for the banking industry (an asset)

Note: Please be informed that relevant experience and other qualifications may be taken into account.

  • Please note that knowledge of French is necessary for open opportunities in Quebec.

Specific knowledge:

  • Advanced knowledge in integrated application delivery as part of Agile/Waterfall projects (needs analysis, identification, estimation, planning, implementation/deployment strategy)
  • Advanced technical infrastructure knowledge (servers, DBMS, MQ, Citrix, etc) (an asset)
  • Familiarity with cloud computing (IaaS, PaaS, CaaS, SaaS)
  • Thorough knowledge of architecture patterns (integration of business solutions)
  • Understanding of IT asset support and operational procedures (service level, criticality, RP, UCMDB, and HPSM) according to ITIL (an asset)
  • Understanding of the Treasury industry (an asset).

Desjardins Cross-sector skills:

Action-oriented, customer-focused, unique, and quick to learn

Key competencies for the job:

  • Business knowledge, 
  • Decision quality, 
  • Complexity, and 
  • Results-drivenness Skills in communication,
  •  Strategy and technology

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