IT Manager Job in USA

IT Manager in USA

IT manager in the USA participates in the design and architecture of software solutions and lead the team in continuous development and smooth process in Latest It jobs. .

 DISH Network, Denver, CO

  • Java, AWS, Docker, NoSQL, DevOps, SpringBoot, 
  • IT Manager, XP, Agile, REST, Scrum, APIs, Oracle, MongoDB, CI/CD
  • Job type: Full Time
  • Salary: $106,250 – $143,750
  • Job Description
  • Job Duties and Responsibilities

Job Information

We are looking for a software engineering manager to administer a team in applying back-end software solutions to deliver to both internal and external users. The position entails managing an agile development team within our Core Customer Technologies organization to develop major platforms using Java, Docker, Spring Boot, and WS NoSQL databases. You will interface with other teams within the organization to improve complete systems to grow our customer proficiencies.

Responsibilities of IT Manager in USA

  • IT Manager in USA role is to lead a team in the design, implementation, and testing of back-end data solutions to maintain.
  • Work relatively with the product owner to establish specifications  and a roadmap
  • Interface with other teams as required to resolve dependencies
  • Take part  in the design and architecture of software solutions
  • Lead the team in continuous development and smooth process.
  • Correlate with developers/product analysts/QA during product improvement through implementation.
  • Facilitate grooming sessions, retros, iteration planning sessions, daily teams, and stand-ups.
  • Forecast product/feature delivery timelines.
  • Use metrics and feedback to develop team and organization methodologies, best practices, performance, and delivery.
  • Assist with deployments and production maintenance problems.
  • Organizing delivery roadmaps, at least viable product (MVP), and milestones.
  • Skills, Proficiency, and Needs

Skills, Experience & Requirements of IT Manager in USA

manager analytics in Germany
It Manager

Graduate or Master’s Degree, priorly in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, or another technical (STEM) field or an equivalent of proficiency.

At least 2+ years of software development/product management or related technical experience.

Minimum 2-5 years of proficiency in a management capacity.

Proficient in  working with an Agile team (XP, SCRUM, etc.)

Experience working with multiple business shareholders and planning product delivery.

Magnificent  organizational, facilitation, and strong written/verbal communication skills

potential  to collaborate with cross-functional resources and work well in a distributed environment

Significant understanding and Proficiency in sing supple processes and methodologies.

Potential to plan for future work while supporting the current delivery with fastly changing priorities.

Technical experience in AWS, REST APIs, Java, SpringBoot, and Docker is a plus.

Technical proficiency in NoSQL Database Systems or Relational (e.g. Oracle, MySql, MongoDB) is a plus

Strong knowledge of the growth and delivering cloud-native products as a Dev/OPS and CI/CD Pipelines, service, deployments, virtualized,  containerization, 

Department Summary

Who We Are

DISH is a Fortune 250 company that continues to reorganize the communications industry, with more than $12 billion in yearly revenue. 

Our endowment is change and preparedness to challenge how things stand, including regenerating ourselves.

We distorted the pay-TV industry in the mid-90s with the launch of the DISH satellite TV service, taking on some of the largest U.S. corporations in the procedure, and developing to being the fourth-largest pay-TV provider. 

We are doing it again with the first live, internet-delivered TV service – Sling TV – that resists traditional pay-TV norms and gives consumers a truly new way to approach and watch television.

Now we have our sights set on upcoming the wireless industry and unseating the established official carriers.

We propel by curiosity, pride, adventure, and an ambition to win and seek people with energy, intelligence, and an enormous desire to link to our team as we begin the next chapter of our story.

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We are DISH.


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Candidates are required to complete a pre-employment screen, which may add a drug test.

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