IT Application Support Analyst 

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  •  Oct 28, 2022

IT Software & SaaS


Job Description

Job Family:

Manages production and test environment support from an application perspective, Resolves production incidents affecting applications under their control, and communicates effectively with internal business users. Resolves business information requests and adapts and directs processes to best fit with IT strategy to improve the quality of the production environment. Proactively seeks to improve production support by improving existing methods, tools, and expertise.

IT Application Support Analyst


Supports production and test environment applications; independently resolves complex incidents; Leads process improvement and improves methods and tools; Works autonomously with periodic review from the manager. May also serve as an informal team leader based on experience and expertise. Can train others. Have a recognized technical skill

Role As IT Application Support Analyst :

Provides application support for production and test systems, including incident and problem management. As an IT Application Support Analyst, you will Participate in the delivery of application software in both test and production environments. Participates in production site switches and RDR test opportunities.

Communicates complex/major technical issues verbally and in writing clearly and concisely so that the intended recipient can understand Complete user requests, both internal and external, promptly within agreed-upon SLAs. Effectively reviews high-complexity project documents from a production support perspective. Evaluates all large-scale changes for their impact on production. Able to solve large-scale problems independently and help colleagues grow. Copes autonomously with complex-level interventions. Able to code in programming language and perform development activities for significant scale changes. Create or modify scripts/macros where needed to maintain or improve support tools. A DBA or specialist like Volume Testing (Performance Testing) can provide job functions, work in undefined/new territory, and improve on set guidelines and routines. May lead other colleagues in unspecified work areas.


Should have experience working in application support/service support on the Linux platform and should be able to write SQL statements and shell scripts.

Soft skills

Must have excellent analytical, troubleshooting, and problem-solving skills and knowledge of software development life cycle

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