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At AdQucik, we are looking for an individual who can perform remote-based Head of Analytics Jobs in USA. The applicants must be passionate and enthusiastic about building the operating system for advertising in the real world. This is an exciting time. We’re excited to launch this product to market.

We capture and record attribution and ROI data based on the conventional outdoor advertising medium.

Location: Flexible, ideally LA, NYC, SF

Responsibilities as Head of Analytics Jobs in USA

As a Head of Analytics Jobs in USA, you must perform the following responsibilities.

  • Drive analytics capabilities from idea to execution:
    You’ll lead and work with our engineering and product team to bring data generated in the actual world into dashboards and other data sources to make life easy for customers.
    Our analysts use data and business knowledge to drive insights and make decisions. We’re looking for people who can combine business knowledge with analytics skills and are interested in working in a small team where we can all learn from each other. Data The data you build is the core of our business. We need data scientists who are excited about finding solutions to business problems with data. You will work with our data team to ensure that data is clean, accessible, and available to all employees.
  • Interface with customers: Analytics in Outdoors can be a new feature to clients, and explaining why and how they should use AdQuick attribution capabilities is a significant component of the role. An essential part of AdQuick’s attribution capabilities is understanding how customers interact with your ads. This includes understanding where users click, scroll, and click on ads within an ad group.
    Explain the benefits to customers of using an outdoor advertising company’s analytics capabilities.
  • Analyze data: A business analyst should be proficient in handling large data sets, drawing threads between separate data sources, and translating those into insights.
    They also have strong communication skills as they work closely with business users to understand their needs. Business analysts are tasked with collecting and analyzing information from various sources and translating those findings into insights for the business. 


  • Must have familiarity with natural world movement and location data sets;
  • Excel expertise is a must; SQL proficiency is very nice to have; 
  • Must have excellent digital marketing, marketing analytics, media, and advertising experience are great; Brand-facing roles and interaction with customers frequently; 
  • Experience owning products and interfacing with development, design, and engineering to create new products. 

Personal characteristics:

  • Customer obsessed – You can learn about your customers’ pains and translate them into product, process, and user experience solutions. Your role is to analyze the customer’s pain points and use that information to develop innovative solutions to improve their operations. We will also help you create a clear strategy for your business. If you have a problem or need to change your business, you have come to the right place. 
  • Analytical: You’re comfortable with numbers, have an eye for simplicity, and are keen to use data to inform your strategy and product decisions. You enjoy the task of making something from nothing, and you’re a big fan of user-generated content. You’ve found the proper role! We seek someone passionate about analytics who understands digital technology and can work across teams in a fast-paced environment. If you can add value to our data analytics team offerings in several ways, we’ll support you in growing your skillset.
  • Versatile: thrives in a fast-paced and rapidly changing environment, able to wear multiple hats without losing track of priorities. A fast-paced and rapidly evolving environment is perfect for an analytical head who thrives in numerous hats. They can wear many different hats simultaneously and remain focused on their priorities.
  • Product and tech-savvy: Your sales representatives are going to be the most significant power users of the platform, and they will be able to deftly illustrate to customers all the benefits of the forum and your product  
  • Persistent and resilient
  • Starting a business is hard and fast-changing, requiring a lot of grit. 

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What you’ll be doing:

  • Participate in client meetings to explain the value of AdQuick’s attribution capabilities
  • Developing a roadmap for analytics capabilities
  • Educating the sales team about attribution capabilities, case studies, and applications for these insights
  • Being creative in new applications of ROI and attribution data across the industry
  • Vetting data partners and integrating new data sets into the AdQuick planning and attribution platform

Location: US Locations Only

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