Hardware Engineer Job In Canada


For the role of Hardware Engineer Job In Canada, we are looking for qualified candidates in the city of Canada. At this moment, applications are being accepted for the position. An important information technology company will make a job offer to the candidate for the post. The organization is looking for a local candidate that is excited about the role to fill an advertisement for a Hardware Engineer Job In Canada Job In Canada. In other words, the company is looking for a local worker. To discover more about these occupations and the numerous career opportunities available in Canada’s IT jobs and computer sectors, visit here.


  • Analyze user needs, create system architecture and specifications, and analyze user needs.
  • Create and carry out simulations for design verification, as well as component prototype bench testing.
  • In the design and development of computer and telecommunications hardware, lead and coordinate teams of engineers, technologists, technicians, and drafters.
  • Develop hardware for computers and telecommunications through research, design, and integration.
  • Overseeing, inspecting, and offering design guidance during the production, setting up, and use of computer and telecom hardware

Experience and Specialization:

  • Digital and analog signals
  • Built-in circuits
  • System powered by a microprocessor
  • 3-5 years of expertise in the required field

Health Perks:

  • Dental treatment plan
  • Healthcare policy plan
  • Vision care benefit

How to Apply:

By email:

[email protected]

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