Senior Mobile Developer Fully Remote Job at Kickserv

Senior Mobile Developer
Senior Mobile Developer

Location: Worldwide
Job: Full-Time

Kickserv is seeking a seasoned React Native Senior mobile developer to spearhead the development of our React Native mobile field service application. As the inaugural member of our brand-new mobile team, you’ll establish the benchmark for our app and aid in recruiting and guiding others to join the team soon.

  1. Collaborate with the product team to plan and develop new features for mobile applications.
  2. They maintained the app’s quality by fixing bugs, updating dependencies, and releasing updates bi-weekly.
  3. Assist in developing a new REST API, which the app will be the first client for, along with a new React web UI.
  4. Work closely with web developers as part of a minor, cohesive team, participating in standups, refinement sessions, pair programming, and support/QA/on-call rotations (approximately every 12 weeks).
Senior Mobile Developer
Senior Mobile Developer

More about you

  1. We are looking for a seasoned Senior Mobile Developer to work remotely with over three years of experience developing, releasing, and maintaining cross-platform mobile applications with a substantial user base.
  2. Proficient in React Native and familiar with the nuances of iOS and Android, with a plus point for experience in native development on either platform.
  3. They have demonstrated leadership skills, having experience as a team leader or being willing to grow into a leadership position by guiding and mentoring junior developers.
  4. Knowledge and experience in the field service industry are desirable.
  5. We seek a Senior Mobile Developer with expertise in React Native and experience leading teams, with a minimum of 3 years of experience in building, shipping, and maintaining cross-platform mobile applications for a significant user base.
Senior Mobile Developer
Senior Mobile Developer

How to Apply

 If you read all the instructions for the “Senior Mobile Developer” Fully remote job, click the Apply Now button below.

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