Data Engineer L3 Fully Remote Job at Adblock 

Data Engineer
Data Engineer

Location: Worldwide
Job: Full-Time

Who We Are

Before describing Data Engineer Remote Job, we will tell you about our Company. Adblock, Inc. is a team of a few individuals who cater to the needs of tens of millions of users globally.
Our mission is to offer user-friendly and straightforward tools that block distractions, safeguard privacy, and empower users to regulate their online activities.
Our offerings Products, namely Adblock Plus, AdBlock, and AdBlock VPN, have been installed by countless users and function seamlessly across all major web browsers. Furthermore, they are compatible with macOS, iOS, Windows, and Android-based devices.
From the beginning, our team has been operating entirely in a remote setup, allowing each member to work from their preferred location. Our common goal is to empower users by providing them with tools that enable them to manage and personalize their online experience.

The Role

As our business continues to expand, we aim to facilitate every person even our data engineer in regulating their online activities. It entails gaining a more profound insight into our vast user base of 140 million and enhancing our communication channels to establish a stronger connection with them.
We are looking for a Data Engineer to join our team and play a vital role in setting up a dependable data infrastructure.
Your primary responsibility will be collaborating with our product teams to ensure we can efficiently gather, retain, and deliver the data we utilize to make informed business decisions.
As the Data Engineer, you will lead in developing a systematic approach to our data infrastructure’s planning, development, upkeep, and automation.

Data Engineer
Data Engineer

Your collaboration with our data analyst and product teams will be crucial in defining data requisites, procedures, and optimal practices. By doing so, you will enable these teams to generate reports on significant business KPIs and operational metrics.

What You’ll Achieve

As a Data Engineer, you will achieve the following listed things.

  1. Assist in developing robust data pipelines that underpin our KPIs and operational metrics.
  2. Define our data infrastructure and verify its alignment with our requirements.
  3. Collaborate closely with product, engineering, and marketing teams throughout the product development cycle, guiding data-driven decisions.
  4. Aid in setting up the data analytics division at Adblock, Inc.

What You’ll Bring

For the Remote Job of Data Engineer, you have to be rich in the following listed areas:

  1. Possess extensive knowledge in constructing data pipelines, including data lakes, data warehouses, ETL, and other related technologies.
  2. Have to be Proven expertise in managing and processing data at a massive scale.
  3. You have worked extensively in a data team and have a solid background in working closely with product, engineering, and growth teams.
  4. Available for daily collaboration with our European team members, with the flexibility to work between 3 PM and 7 PM Central European Time (CEST).

Why You’ll Love Adblock, Inc

  1. Competitive Salary: To ensure competitive remuneration, we utilize Radford data, a globally recognized benchmark for compensation. Irrespective of your geographical location, we do not alter your salary.
  2. Comprehensive Benefits: Our benefits package for the data engineer encompasses an array of offerings, such as comprehensive medical and dental insurance coverage, 401K matching, paid parental leave of up to 14 weeks, and several additional benefits.
  3. Professional Growth: At Adblock, Inc., we give our team members the independence to perform their best work. As a result of being a small team, you will witness the direct impact of your work and have the opportunity to develop alongside the team. Furthermore, we encourage professional growth by providing training, coaching, and continuous feedback.
  4. Fully Distributed Community: We offer remote work while maintaining solid connections with your colleagues. Once a year, we host a week-long offsite meeting to gather together.
  5. Generous Vacation Policy: We foster a culture of work-life balance by promoting vacation time and quality family moments and prioritizing good health. As such, we provide our employees with at least 28 days of paid leave.
  6. Office Equipment:  We offer a customized work environment that suits your requirements to ensure optimal productivity.
  7. *Currently, healthcare and retirement plans are only available in the U.S.
Data Engineer
Data Engineer

We’d Love to Work With You!

For the post of Data Engineer we would love to expect following things from you :

At Adblock, Inc., while we take our work seriously, we also believe in maintaining a positive and enjoyable work environment. Our goal is for our team members to love their work, appreciate their colleagues, and uphold a culture of respect and empathy toward one another.
At Adblock, Inc., we recognize the value of diversity in a small team setting.
At Adblock, Inc., we cherish and promote an inclusive and diverse work environment where individuals of all backgrounds are valued and respected.
At Adblock, Inc., we value diversity and believe that individuals from different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives bring unique strengths and insights to our team.
We actively foster an inclusive workplace where everyone is respected and celebrated for their differences in race, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, political and religious beliefs, socioeconomic status, cultural heritage, geographical location, disabilities and abilities, relationship status, veteran status, and age.
Recognizing and embracing these differences can create a more dynamic and innovative team that produces high-quality work.
If this role as ‘Data Developer” excites you, please click “Apply Now” for this position” to submit your resume.

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