full stack engineer in Germany


We are hiring a Full Stack Engineer in Germany to maximize our product development. You have to work on some of the most difficult problems in the field. We need a passionate and dedicated person who can learn the things rapidly and take the command.

You will be responsible to write an effective code and collect client’s feedback, all the way to designing whole strategy. It’s our mission to sort out most difficult data science problems. If you are searching for latest IT jobs in Germany then, you are at the right place. Come and join us.


  • Typescript, React, GraphQL
  • Node.js, PostgreSQL, Redis
  • Kubernetes, AWS
  • Design system with components in Storybook


  • As a full stack engineer in Germany, you will introduce new features from the backend logic to UI components.
  • You will improve the performance by memorized components.
  • Opportunities to learn about data science tools and give suggestions to operate the product.
  • You have to support data scientist’s community and developers and assists them succeed using Deepnote.
full stack engineer in Germany


  •  4-5 years of relevant experience.
  • Working experience in complex web applications, TypeScript and React.
  • Superb knowledge of backend and database technologies.
  •  You must have working experience with designers through Figma.
  • You must have experience in data analysis and data science.
  • You can work on notebooks, BI tools and data pipelines

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  • We offer competitive salary package
  • You will get 25 days of PTO and sick days
  • Chances to get health benefits package
  • We will give you budget for learning
  • Opportunities to get gym and sports membership
  • Availability of budget for travel to our offices.

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