Full Stack Developer jobs in United States, January 2023

Full Stack Developer

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Job Overview 

Cary, United State
Job Type
Job id13265

Role of Full Stack Developer

Full Stack Developer
  • Monitor software applications to regulate if the applications are effectively meeting the requirements of the specified end-user and to control if to increase the overall efficiency of the operational department.
  • Interrelate with business analysts to answer any specifications with the project owner if warranted.
  • Grow software applications about project specifications.
  • Associate with end-users on solving issues that occur with software applications, including compensating for the issues.
  • Offer on-call support if necessary.
  • Stay abreast of industry transformations about software applications.

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Qualification and Skills

  • Must have a Bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer information systems or a computer-related field OR similar proficiency.
  • Full Stack Developer must have At least 3 years of I.S. proficiency in defined technologies and within a relevant I.S. domain.
  • 1+ years of first- hands full stack development expertise utilizing Microsoft.NET.ASP. NET Core, NET, Web API or Windows services.
  • First-Hands development expertise utilizing Microsoft informing platforms, adding PowerBI or SSRS with SQL Snowflake or Server.
  • Experience applying design patterns in Blazor, Angular, React or MVC.

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