Full-Stack Developer Fully Remote Job at Lemon.io

Full-Stack Developer
Full-Stack Developer

Location: Latin America
Job Nature: Full-Time

About us

Before describing the Full Stack Developer remote job at Lemon.io, we will tell you about us.
Lemon is not your ordinary freelance platform, nor are we a development shop or a software company. We’re a unique community of startup sidekicks dedicated to helping you become the hero of your story.
Like a brave knight fighting the dragon to rescue the princess, you’re the protagonist in your journey. And we’re here to assist you in finding that additional pair of hands to help you succeed.

If you’re a skilled full-Stack Developer seeking a remote job that provides ample opportunities for career growth and better pay, Lemon.io is the perfect platform for you.
Our marketplace handpicks startups from the US and Europe and connects them with talented developers like yourself. Say goodbye to job-hunting woes and showcase your skills with Lemon.io.

Why do you work with us?

Your working as a Full-Stack Developer at lemon.io is profitable because

  1. Enjoy a monthly salary of $5k – $8k with handpicked startup teams.
  2. Flexible working hours and the freedom to work asynchronously.
  3. Say goodbye to project managers and hello to direct communication with clients who have technical backgrounds.
  4. We support you throughout the entire recruitment process.
  5. No more hunting for clients or negotiating rates – let us handle the business side of things.
  6. Enjoy the fast-paced startup environment that keeps you motivated and engaged.
  7. Pass the recruitment process now and start working as a full-Stack Developer when you’re ready.
  8. We’ll match you with the best project that suits your skills and preferences.
  9. Join our community as a full-Stack Developer and connect with some of the best developers in the world.
Full-Stack Developer
Full-Stack Developer

Requirements Process

For the Full Stack Developer Remote Job, you have to fulfill the following requirements to achieve this:

  1. Are we seeking a remote software development job with excellent compensation and growth opportunities? We’re seeking a skilled developer with 5+ years of experience to join our team.
  2. Strong knowledge of JavaScript, Node.js, React.js, and Typescript is a must, along with a solid understanding of AWS, SOLID principles, and GOF patterns for Full-Stack Developer
  3. Practical experience with React Native and Next is a plus, as is the ability to communicate fluently in English.
  4. You’ll need to be highly organized, responsible, and able to work remotely without supervision.
  5. We value good soft skills, such as being polite and friendly in communication with clients as a full-Stack Developer
  6. We provide support throughout the recruitment process and offer a flexible schedule with direct client communication.
Full-Stack Developer
Full-Stack Developer

How to Apply

If you read all the instructions for the “full-Stack Developer” Fully remote job, click the Apply Now button below

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