Frontend Engineer Job Remote at SportyBet, Hiring Now

Frontend Engineer

Location: Worldwide
Job Nature: Full-Time

About us

Before going to tell you about the Frontend Engineer Remote job, we introduce ourselves:
At Sporty’s, we pride ourselves on our trendy websites that consistently rank among the top websites in the countries we operate in, according to Alexa.
As a Frontend Developer, you will be responsible for developing mobile-first, responsive front ends that millions of users use daily. You will be working with the latest technology since we built our front end using VueJS about 3 years ago, meaning you won’t have to deal with outdated spaghetti code.
While proficiency in VueJS is preferred, we welcome applicants with expertise in a similar frontend framework who are eager to learn.

Who We Are

As a Frontend Engineer, you have to know about how we work:
Sporty Group is a tech-driven consumer internet business that boasts a unique platform for sports media, gaming, social, and fintech. Our reach spans over ten countries and 3 continents, serving millions of daily active users.
Our success lies in attracting bright, dynamic, and passionate individuals who share our vision for serving users and creating value.
With a flexible work culture that fosters creativity, we have already built a team of 300+ high achievers from various backgrounds.
We continuously seek talented individuals to contribute to our growth and further innovation.

  1. We use various modern technologies, including Vue, Vuex, Vue Router, Webpack, Less, and SCSS.
  2. Our frontend is built with the Element UI framework.
  3. For our server-side rendering, we utilize FreeMarker.
  4. We rely on various tools such as AWS, Circle, Drone CI, and K8s for our infrastructure and continuous integration needs.
Frontend Engineer


Being a Frontend Engineer you should have to meet the following responsibilities.

  • Build VueJS-based mobile-first frontends that prioritize user experience and performance
  • Develop frontends for backend management systems
  • Collaborate with peers and managers to conduct code reviews that ensure each increment aligns with the original vision and follows standard architecture patterns and resource libraries
  • Engage in team ceremonies such as planning, grooming, product demonstrations, and retrospectives
  • Provide mentorship to junior team members


  1. Minimum of 2 years of experience in a relevant role
  2. Familiarity with at least one of the following: Vue, React, Angular
  3. Familiarity with Git, ES6, Webpack, Less or Sass, and NodeJS
  4. Familiarity with state management tools such as Vuex, Redux, Ngrx
  5. Excellent communication skills
  6. Knowledge of the backend stack is considered a plus
Frontend Engineer


Our Frontend Engineer will enjoy the listed perks after getting the job.

  1. Quarterly and flash bonuses are available
  2. Flexibility in working hours provided
  3. Referral bonuses offered
  4. 28 days of paid annual leave
  5. Two annual company retreats are held in exciting locations, with future retreats already planned
  6. Working alongside highly skilled and reliable co-workers from diverse cultural backgrounds
  7. Payment is facilitated through DEEL, a world-class online wallet system.
  8. Equipment provided by market leader Hofy
  9. Scoring a perfect 100% on The Joel Test for software development teams
  10. Small team sizes ensure significant impact potential for employees
  11. A globally established and successful business provides stability and security for all team members.
Frontend Engineer

Interview Process

To join as Frontend Engineer the candidate has to go through the following interview process.

  1. HackerRank Test
  2. Remote video screening conducted by Talent Acquisition Team with live ID check
  3. Remote 90-minute video interview loop with 3 Team Members (30 minutes each)
  4. Pre-offer call with Talent Acquisition Team
  5. ID check through Zinc
  6. 24-72 hour feedback loops provided throughout the hiring process

How to Apply

If you go through all the description about the post Frontend Engineer kindly apply on the Apply now button below.


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