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If you are searching for latest IT jobs in Germany and want to explore the world, then Terra is the right place for you. We are hiring Frontend Engineer in Germany for our team.

We are building a decentralized price-stable cryptocurrency. It will be used as a means of payment at massive scale throughout the World.

We have a passionate community and deep developer talent pool. Our team is trying to enable the next generation of Web3 products and services

We focus on the new and exciting Web3 ideas in combination with entrepreneurial founders.


  • As a frontend engineer in Germany you have solid demonstrable work on GitHub
  • Capable to understand Terra ecosystem
  • You must know about TypeScript, JavaScript ES6+, React
  • Knowledge about CSS3, SCSS, Media Query
  • Capable to write easy and readable codes
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Expertise in contributing to the open source community
  • Passionate to pursue personal projects
frontend engineer in Germany


  • 2+ years of experience required in Web3 applications/frontends
  • Experience needed in React and TypeScript
  • Expertise in the following technologies; Web3.js, RestAPI, Progressive Web
  •  GraphQL, Hardhat, 
  • Must know about Rust smart contracts
  • Knowledge of DeFi protocols and Terra ecosystem
  • Must have experience in developing DeFi applications and/or FinTech applications


  • A flexible and comfortable environment, to work
  • We consider new ideas and suggestions from our employees
  • We use latest technologies
  • You can use open-source software.

You can get more information about latest frontend engineer job in Germany through our website A lot of latest information available on our website regarding IT jobs in different countries


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