Facebook loss due to TikTok

Facebook loss due to TikTok
Facebook loss due to TikTok

We have to change with changing technology

In the year 2021 Facebook was going through a very difficult time. From two or three sides it is constantly facing economical problems. Two or three rivals are bent on defeating him. Not only there is a Facebook loss due to TikTok, but Snapchat and Instagram are also competitors of Facebook. Let’s take a look at the potential for Facebook to continue to compete in all of these areas.

Facebook last year announced the launch of the Metaverse project. He bought WhatsApp, and Instagram before the announcement of Metaverse. Now that he has launched the Metaverse project, he has reduced his payments on Facebook AIDS. In other words, he started investing in the upcoming metaverse project, which he was getting because of running AIDS. And the advertising companies began to suffer. The loss was obvious, but it is not so because it was the result of Facebook’s own policy and investment in its Metaverse. Earlier this year, Mark renamed Facebook, Meta.

Facebook loss due to TikTok
Facebook loss due to TikTok

Welcome to metaverse

Mr. Zuckerberg believes so much that the internet’s next generation is the metaverse it means a still fuzzy and theoretical concept that involves people moving across different virtual and augmented reality worlds. That he is willing to spend big on it.

So big that the spending amounted to more than $10 billion last year. Mr. Zuckerberg expects to spend even more on this project in the future.

Although we know that there is no evidence the beta will pay off. Unlike Facebook’s shift to mobile devices in 2012, virtual reality use is still the province of niche hobbyists and has yet to really break into the mainstream. Widespread augmented-reality headsets are also months if not years away.

Facebook loss due to TikTok
Facebook loss due to TikTok

In essence, Mr. Zuckerberg is asking employees, users, and investors to have faith in him and his metaverse vision. That’s a big ask for something that will cost the company billions in the coming years and that may never come to fruition.

TikTok a great rivel of meta

At the same time, according to Facebook’s Mark Zinkberg, the TickTock company has become very popular among young people, which is why most people have left Facebook to join TickTock and are still joining. The numbers are dwindling on Facebook and more on Tik Tak. According to Mark Zuckerberg, the short video option will be in the meta, but because the meta is not fully active, it is not becoming of interest to young people.

Block ads policy of iPhone

In the new situation, Apple has made a change in the settings of iPhones. Which has caused irreparable damage to Facebook in a single day. You know, whether it’s Google or YouTube, unwanted ads are expensive. In the old days’ TV used to run advertisements between news, programs, and dramas, and today it runs on mobile phones. Apple has turned on the option on the iPhone that you can use the option if you do not want anyone to track you for the ad. Now, most iPhone users don’t really like ads, which is why most people use this option to turn off Facebook Ads. This was the loss that Meta company had to bear in a single day and as a result, Facebook lagged far behind Tic Tac Toe, Google, and Microsoft. etc

In beginning, Apple introduced the ATT feature in iOS 14.5, which was released for iPhones in 20121. It’s also included in iOS 15, according to Apple ATT is running on 72% of modern iPhones. ATT consists of popups that ask users whether they want to be tracked when opening up an app. If the user says no, the app developer can no longer access the IDFA, a device ID that’s used to target and measure the effectiveness of online ads.

Facebook is in a critical situation

Now we can say that Facebook, which ruled over social media for eighteen years, now is on the trial. On the one hand, Facebook is trying to come up with new projects like Metaverse. And on the other hand, the ads are not running on iPhone mobiles, etc. The competition is also a factor it means a  race in which Tik Tak is currently leading. The mood of the people and especially the youth is towards tick-tock. If Facebook thinks it should be in the leading position, then Facebook must introduce features based on public demands.

At the moment, the Facebook administration is just showing the people connected to it that Metaverse is our future. And this future is connected with Facebook and not with Tik Tak or any other app. Now Only time will confirm how successful Metaverse is.

Facebook introduced reels to sustain a loss 2021

After Facebook loss due to TikTok, For the sake of competition Mark introduced a new feature called a Facebook reel. These are small video that attracts teenagers. Now the situation is in the control of Mark Zuckerberg.

The Facebook reels are the first of their kind. They are a type of video that is popular among teens. The reels are so popular because they are fun and interesting. It is also a good way to promote your business. The Facebook reels are useful for different purposes. You can use them to show your products and services to your target audience.

The Facebook reel is a good way to get more attention for your business. You can put it on your website, your blog, or even on your Facebook page. If you are a business owner, you can use it to show your clients how much you love them. It is a great way to show your appreciation for the people who are important to you.

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