ETL developer job in USA

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We’re looking for a talented person for an ETL Developer job in USA for our company. You will have to manage our existing data workflows,  process datasets, maintain and develop ETL pipelines, and conduct data-related QA. You will be maintaining and creating production-quality in-house tools within a large shared code base, and the data you create will be used by thousands of researchers,  university students, and marketing professionals.

Jobs for ETL developer is not so easy. But there are highly paid IT jobs in the USA and due to their latest version, these are the top trending IT jobs in USA. If you want a bright future we welcome you to our company. We offer great jobs to our employees. If you have the skills, you can earn a lot of money by working with us. If you are a fresher or experienced, we have a great opportunity for you. We are looking for talented, hardworking, creative, and responsible candidates. Our company provides the best training and the best salary. We have many more IT jobs waiting for you on our website

The ideal candidate is a self-starter, is comfortable asking questions, has a high level of attention to detail, has an interest in data visualization and analytics, and enjoys working with talented colleagues. Our developers can live and work anywhere in the United States and this is a 100% remote position. We will also suppose exceptional candidates from other countries in the USA. This is a full-time salaried position.

Responsibilities for ETL Developer job in USA:

  • Develop, design, and test ETL-related features and tools
  • Process datasets through our ETL pipeline
  • Write clean, scalable, high-quality, maintainable code (e.g., PEP 484, PEP 8,)
  • Contribute ideas for improvements to existing features or  new features
  • Assist colleagues through collaboration, code review,  and troubleshooting
ETL developer job in USA
ETL developer job in USA


  • 3+ years of experience working with large Python codebases
  • 5+ years of experience in professional software development work
  • Comfortable using Linux CLI
  • Experience with PostgreSQL
  •  data manipulation and advanced relational database and skills
  • Experience with data orchestration platforms (e.g., Airflow,  Dragster, or Prefect)
  • Ability to stabilize and maintain our full data processing stack in Python
  • Experience using AWS services


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