Embedded Software Developer Job In Ottawa


Employees of High Tech Genesis are seeking candidates for an embedded software developer job in Ottawa. The chosen applicant will get the chance to work for one of the biggest technological companies in the world. The company is seeking for an Embedded Software Developer Job In Ottawa to fill a vacuum. For additional information, go to the official website for IT Jobs in Canada.

Job Description:

  • An embedded software developer with telecom experience in designing and creating embedded carrier-grade software is needed by High Tech Genesis.
  • The individual will take part throughout every phase of the development process of software development, including:
  • Create a C-coded program with L2, 3 networking characteristics
  • Create applications for Linux embedded platforms.
  • Determine how to increase software performance
  • Work with hardware, software, and others to identify and resolve problems through troubleshooting them.


  • Electrical/computer engineering or computer science at the bachelor’s level or above.
  • Good C programming abilities and four or more years of practical experience dealing with embedded software
  • Competent in creating Layer 2 and Layer 3 networking features in C
  • Understanding of synchronization, inter-process communication, and mutual exclusion
  • Ability to integrate software on unique hardware when working in a lab
  • Expertise in Linux and/or VxWorks platform software development
  • Strong networking protocol implementation, testing, and debugging experience
  • Gaining knowledge about large-scale C embedded software development
  • Knowledge in dealing with network protocols including MPLS, L2VPN, and segment routing at the Control Plane Networking layer

Additional Information:

  • In order to seek employment in Canada (i.e., nationalization, permanence, or work permit).
  •  HTG encourages diversity in the work environment. For example, during the interviewing process, HTG complies with ADA accessibility requirements. 
  • Please send your CV in MS Word format via email to apply for this job. 
  • Wage is determined by experience.

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