Director Data Science Job In Ontario

Director Data Science Job In Ontario

A company is searching for qualified applicants for the Director of Data Science Job In Ontario. Applications are presently being accepted for the role. A renowned IT organization will make a job offer to the chosen individual. The organization is seeking a local application excited about the Director Data Science Job In Ontario. In other words, the firm is seeking a local employee. Visit our website to discover more about these jobs and the various positions in Canada’s information and computer technology industries, including those for IT Jobs In Canada.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Continuous practice and process improvement seeking methods to enhance.
  • Optimize corporate procedures to not only provide a better service to our clients but also to increase efficiency and profitability
  • Mentoring and supervising members of the Data Science team
  • Collaborate with your Group Director to educate customers on the advantages of incorporating Data Science products into their company and capture and define needs and solutions.
  • Synthesize business requirements and generate business/functional design papers to base analytical and data models.
  • Examine data for validity in predictive capabilities, needed feature engineering, data expansion options, and alignment to business objectives.
  • Methodologies, standards, and tools for analysis need to develop. 
  • Data science activities are develop, implemented, and support.
  • Develop cooperative, fruitful connections with clients and vendors by leveraging good communication skills and communicating successfully internally and outside.
  • Future, non-standard analytics methodologies that push the limitations of current analytical output should be researched, prototyped, and explored.
  • Investigating revolutionary machine learning approaches will allow our teams to solve segmentation, clustering, and predictive models utilized in various applications.

Job Specification:

  • Bachelor’s in business analysis, statistics, mathematics, or a closely related field
  • Five or more years of experience is required for a data scientist or analyst
  • Two plus years of experience in management and leadership
  • For model development, advanced understanding of R, Python, or SAS
  • Prior knowledge of web analytics programs like Adobe
  • Cloud-based marketing, Google Analytics
  • Considerable expertise in statistical modeling methods
  • Knowledge of utilizing Tableau or other visualization solutions for dashboarding or analysis when connected to them
  • The capacity to work autonomously and be self-motivated while meeting deadlines
  • Excellent communication abilities both in writing and speaking, and experience working with remote teams

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How to Apply:

Email the lead recruiter, Prishni Barkakati, at

[email protected]

Thank you for your interest in Bevertec’s next fantastic opportunity.


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