Exactly what was it that you got? Our main concern is with your career! For particular skill sets, an IT career portal provides knowledgeable advice and fascinating IT job options. is the only website where you can search for jobs in IT and emerging technologies. updates its job listings frequently to provide you the best chance of finding an IT career that properly matches your profile and professional interests. Currently, in the domain of Visual Effects and Animation, a Digital Artist Job in Toronto is available.

Technicolor Canada, Inc., with offices in Montreal, Quebec, H3C 2P2 and operating as MPC Montreal, MPC Toronto, and Mikros, is seeking Digital artists -Animation and Visual Effects.

  • English is the working language.
  • permanent, 44 hours per week
  • Working in Toronto
  • Pay ranges for a Digital Artist Job in Toronto starting from $26.22 to $52.44 per hour depending on experience and credentials.
  • Eligible for a small raise based on performance, in accordance with corporate policy
  • As per business policy, the company’s benefits package (health, dental, etc.)
  • Must have a Canadian work permit (Canadian citizen or permanent resident, or hold a valid Canadian open work permit)

Primary Responsibilities:

  • The Digital Artist is accountable for carrying out and delivering a variety of tasks as for feature film projects to produce high-quality, unique, and photo-realistic visual effects and animation for feature films (such as 3D, background, environment, character, lighting, layout, asset, modeling, compositing, etc. based on their department’s responsibilities). 
  • They work under the general supervision of their department Lead, Supervisor, or Manager. 
  • They collaborate closely with other artists, leads, and supervisors to produce an animation that is physically convincing, realistic, and of the greatest quality possible in a timely manner. 
  • They can pick things up quickly, communicate well with the Lead and their teammates, and maintain a sequence’s consistency in appearance and quality.

Job duties:

  • Participate in daily progress meetings.
  • Determining the best method to overcome effects issues and establish the final look in shot development will require close collaboration with Supervisors and Leads.
  • To complement the overall look and feel of the movie or production, do CG activities to generate natural, realistic, finished effects using the appropriate tools and software. 
  • Proactively identify issues and troubleshoot fixes.
  • Participate in the production’s visual and technical aspects.
  • Guiding young artists perform particular tasks that will be decided on a project-by-project basis.

Skills and Experience:

  • Equivalent experience, a trade certificate, or a relevant college degree
  • Relevant expertise in the VFX or animation sector for live-action feature films and/or television programs, 
  • Including the ability to use and comprehend 3D / 2D applications like Houdini, Maya, and Nuke.
  • Excellent organizing and communication abilities
  • Independent thinkers who can operate on their own
  • The desire to acquire new abilities and take on increasingly difficult tasks
  • Able to work in a team atmosphere that is collaborative
  • Able to receive and follow instructions
  • A strong sense of creativity and flair
  • Able to prioritize activities, perform under pressure, and meet deadlines.



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