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Senior Back-End Developer
database developer jobs

Description Of Database Developer Job in MTBC:

Surely Database developer job in MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTION BILLING CORP is a rewarding option to connect with the company in the field of IT, because MTBC is a main provider of IT services in the medical fields such as transcription and billing and now they are seeking for skilled candidates wants to attach with their crew. If you are pursuing database developer job in the medical field, the MTBC job is your right choice. 

Undoubtedly the team is determined to supply quality IT services to their clients. So Visit their website and contact them today if you are focused on learning more about the Database Developer Job opportunity in MTBC.  


 Title                                   > Senior Database Developer 

Organization                      MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTION BILLING CORP (MTBC)

Job Locations                            Islamabad,Rawalpindi Pakistan

Employment Type              Full-Time

Published Date             4th August, 2022

 About The Company :

CareCloud, Inc. is a technology company that specializes in the computerized world of healthcare. Further more it is traded openly and recognized as Medical Transcription Billing Corp (MTBC). The company was set up in America in 1999. The company provided a variety of solutions for a mixture of several healthcare system devices,as a result it became reputed healthcare organization. The assortment of commodities of the company contains Engagement of E-patient, Telehealth, Business Intelligence, Medical History, custom administration, Medical Billing, and Web App.

these products help businesses to run their work and keep a route of major information. Furthermore in Pakistan and Sri Lanka, the company wants to expand its IT services. The annual revenue of the corporation is $105 Million. Above 3500 employees deliver their magnificent healthcare services in Care Cloud(MTBC). New Jersey is the headquarter of MTBC.

Eligibility and Requirements Of Senior Database Developer Job
  • • Candidates must be Pakistani citizens and the minimum age limit must be above 18 years.

• Candidates must pass a drug test.

• People can do their  work any time.

•  Minimum three years of experience required for this job

• Candidates must have mentioned proficiency of IT skills and tools requisite.

Skills And Tools Required For Database Developer Job
  • Required tools and skills are given as under
  • SQL ,ETL ,C++,SSRC ,Communication ,data modeling ,data integrity ,data analysis


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