Data Product Manager in England


Posted on: 18 September 2022

Employer: e Financial Careers

Salary: £170,000 per year

Location: London

Job Type: Full-time

Deadline: 29 October 2022

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Who are we?

We want to help small businesses win. That’s why we’re here.

We connect small business owners with investors – to create jobs, help families and power economies – because we believe people are built to do more. And we want to help them.

Therefore, we have created the leading online marketplace for small business loans. Our investors have lent £13.8 billion in over 170,000 loans to 122,000 small business owners. This lending created 100,000 jobs in a single year and contributed £7.2 billion to the global economy. There’s never been a more significant time to join!

Join the team that changes everything.

Data Product Manager in England

Be part of a team as a Data Product Manager in England that can change everything. Let’s create a place where small businesses can get the funding they need to win and leave a lasting legacy.

This role sits within the data team. The drivers behind our platform are brilliant people working together to design, code and build the next game changers.

Role As A Data Product Manager:

We are looking for a Data Product Manager in England to work as part of our data team in London. We strongly believe that data is our key asset and having a dedicated data platform for analytics and reporting helps our company grow. This role will work with data engineering, delivery and analysts to enhance our data platform- Supporting critical stakeholders across the business – including risk, customer analytics, data science, capital markets, marketing… and more!

Be part of the product team responsible for expanding our data capabilities through the Data Platform.

Build relationships with stakeholders to understand their goals, challenges and needs.

Create a roadmap based on the value and impact of the potential work you will undertake.

From sourcing new data to creating valuable, structured datasets for analytics – we work with engineers and analysts to help build solutions that deliver value to our customers.

Work with broader teams to bring cutting-edge data technologies to the funding circle.

Become a data champion and spread the word on the importance of data, using your influence to improve data creation and delivery.

Build a network and understand what’s happening across the business and how teams work and communicate.

Skills and Experience for Product Manager:

Experience understanding stakeholder goals and translating them into successful products

We are managing broad groups of stakeholders across all parts of the business, joining the dots to generate solutions that work for everyone and prioritizing work within the engineering team.

Experience working with data platforms (data warehouse/data lake) and understanding the core elements that make up these platforms, including teams – data scientists, analysts and BI teams

Able to be the voice of the product,

Able to be the voice of the product, translate technical deliverables into business outcomes and communicate it effectively

Curious to go into detail and solve problems but can also step back and tell the big picture

Building relationships that bring enjoyment to work while understanding what is possible with data and how it impacts an organization.

Why join us?

We’re gearing up for our most significant chapter yet – and everyone’s running it.

We consider ourselves a career launch pad—a place to develop yourself fast. Real work. Real experience. Real opportunities to gather skills. Think of extensive remit and significant ownership to make great things happen, but we also like to play hard. This is what makes us, us. Our vibrant culture is built on possibility and creating a place where you can indeed be you. We keep it flexible and open. All voices were heard because we believe that great ideas come from everywhere.

If you show skills and are ready, we will support you. This is where you can create something incredible.

It is in our differences that we find our strength.

At Funding Circle, we mark and support the differences that make you, you. We are proud to be an equal-opportunity workplace and an affirmative action employer. We believe diversity makes us better. We specifically encourage applications from applicants from underrepresented backgrounds. We welcome applicants who wish to work flexibly.

Want to build incredible? We would love to hear from you.

At IT Jobs in England, we are committed to diversity and equality. We believe that everyone should have an equal opportunity to succeed in their selected field, Here we provide a platform through which you can find all types of IT JOBS allover the world. We encourage applications from all backgrounds and strive to create an inclusive environment for all of our employees.


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