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München, Germany

Leisure And Travel Technology English Information Technology Full Time Associate

Jochen Schweizer and mydays, are the two well-known brands on the adventure market, our group includes the booking platform provider Regiondo GmbH. 

If you want to explore the world and looking for best, IT jobs in Germany then you are at the right place. We are looking for a (Senior) Data Engineer to take initiative, maintain and automate our routines together (un)structured data from different data sources and upload it into our cloud-based Data Warehouse. Our goal is to provide comfortable environment for team to achieve targeted goals.

data engineer


As a data engineer, you have to work with our Business Intelligence team. Team includes Data Engineers, Data Analyst and Data Scientist. Furthermore, Our Data Engineers work with the latest technologies to build and improve our Data Warehouse.

  • Design big data ETL-Pipelines with Python and Spark (Pyspark)
  • Make a connection with a variety of data sources (SAP-HANA, Google, (non)relational databases, Kafka Stream etc.).Merge it into our cloud based DataLake (Microsoft Azure)
  • You have to work with the product owner and plan the data model to meet their needs for sourced tables and structured Datamart’s)
  • Ensure the Data Warehouse keeps its data integrity and availability.


  • Successfully completed university degree in economics
  • 3 years of experience required in the data and business intelligence field
  • Excellent Python knowledge
  • expertise with Apache Spark and big data
  • Expertise in Software-Development (Git, Jira, Jenkins CI)
  • Must know about latest toolsets on Data integration
  • Clear understanding of different distributed systems.
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