Cybersecurity and R&D Adviser Job In UK

Cybersecurity and R&D Adviser Job In UK

Cybersecurity and R&D Adviser ensures that R&D projects are easily supported and integrated into the R&D environment of the cyberspace delegation and assess the challenges that lead the organisation to seek humanitarian action in cyberspace. I will also provide expertise to the delegation on the relevance and risks of emerging trends in cyber security from a technical and policy / geopolitical perspective. In this particular context, R&D activities primarily involve the development of innovative approaches to security and data protection but also contribute to legal, policy and operational perspectives and dimensions.

  • Employer          International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)
  • Location           Luxembourg (LU)
  • Salary                Competitive
  • Closing date    10 Aug 2022
  • Sector                Public Sector
  • Job Role            Cyber Crime, Information Security Officer, Data Protection
  • Job Type            Permanent

Work and responsibilities

Ensures that the R&D environment is capable of hosting R&D projects, assessing needs and following a series of upcoming R&D initiatives.

Leads multiple R&D projects independently and ensures their smooth integration into the R&D environment. 

Responsible for integration standards designed for performance, stability, upgradability and security. 

Ensures that all R&D activities respect internal guidelines and respect the intentions to deploy responsible technologies, especially in terms of design, data protection and default, and security. 

Cyberspace represents the delegation for R&D in other R&D projects run by the ICRC team that wants to engage in R&D. 

Delegation to the Cyberspace and Data Protection Office at Headquarters on progress and possible interactions with other projects – Ensures proper follow-up and reports to the head of technology. 

Provides the delegation with the necessary technical expertise to enable the development / adaptation of policies, standard operating procedures, operational dialogue, etc. 

required to operate in cyberspace, and improve both the ICRC and the host country on the type of operation. Allows for understanding.

It requires dialogue and negotiation to make it a success. Participates or leads in drafting relevant policies and standard operating procedures.

 Actively monitors many new technologies and their progress. 

Required profile and skills

Master’s degree in computer science (or equivalent)

 At least 4 years of professional experience

Proven experience deploying complex solutions in cloud-type architecture 

Good in cybersecurity and information security technology, policy, strategy and geopolitics Understanding PET’s Solid Understanding and Knowledge (Privacy Enhancing Technologies) 

Pre-Humanitarian Competition Exhibition OnePlus Fluency in English, Good Knowledge of French Language. 

Other ICRC languages ​​such as Spanish, Arabic or Russian are an asset. 

The successful candidate must demonstrate a strong ability to collaborate with peers and a strong interest in applied research Cybersecurity and R&D Adviser.

They should be able to adapt to rapid changes in work priorities. One of their key features is the curiosity to discover out-of-the-box ideas and the ability to positively challenge existing models. 

Cybersecurity and R&D Adviser Job In UK
Cybersecurity and R&D Adviser Job In UK

Which we offer

An inspiring opportunity for the world’s largest humanitarian organisation to practice its profession in a multicultural environment. 

Progressive Development, Training and Stimulus Benefits Package A full-time, open housing agreement under Luxembourg legislation with competitive pay. 


C1 under ICRC scale. 

Be part of a new team that includes a head of technology and two cybersecurity engineers. 

Work place: 

Luxembourg, with occasional trips to Geneva. Ready to apply? 

Please apply online before May 31, 2022. 

Only EU / EFTA citizens or work permit holders can apply. 

Preferred start date: end of Q2 / start of Q3 2022



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