Custom Web Developer

Network Support Technician

Our team is searching for a Custom Web Developer to join our passionate Web Team. This position reports to the Website Development Manager.
As a Custom Web Developer, you will work on multiple sites and accounts simultaneously, and our mission is to achieve the targets of meeting client expectations. Superb experience in designing and developing websites is necessary for this position.

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Custom Web Developer

Responsibilities-Custom Web Developer

  • · Must know about Front and back-end, mobile friendly E-commerce web development
  • · Custom database and applications development knowledge
  • · Know about client dashboard development
  • · Capable of merging code with existing projects in Github / Code Pen
  • · Arrange Unit-test code for robustness, including edge cases, usability
  • · Handle website launch and applications deployment
  • · You have to work with team members of different developments to generate different solutions for internal and external projects
  • · You have to organize team meetings for project updates and collaboration

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  • Write reusable, easy easy-to-maintain signed code using DRY principles
  • · Must have expertise with
  • · NodeJS
  • · MongoDB
  • · React.js
  • · Platforms:
  • · Heroku
  • · WooCommerce
  • · Shopify / Hydrogen
  • · Must be capable of binding UI elements to JavaScript object models
  • · Excellent decisive nature and superb problem-solving skills
  • · Great communication skills
  • · Strong analytical thinking is required
  • · Highly determined and passionate
  • · Experience in Webflow E-commerce
  • · DNS management
  • · AWS

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Company Name
Digital Resource
Update1st Dec22, Friday
Days Left28 Days
Salary$800 – $1,300 USD/month
LocationSouth Florida, Tennessee
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