Computer Game Developer Job In Vancouver


We are seeking suitable applicants for the position of computer game developer in the Canadian city of Vancouver. The position is now accepting applications. The contender for the position will receive a job offer from a significant information technology business. The company is seeking a local applicant that is enthusiastic about the position to fill a posting for a Computer Game Developer Job In Vancouver. In other words, the business is trying to find a local employee. Visit here i.e. IT jobs in Canada to learn more about these professions and the various career options offered by Canada’s computer and information technology industries.


  • Code creation, modification, integration, and testing
  • Maintain current software by making changes as necessary
  • Describe and explain technical issues, procedures, and fixes.
  • Create status, operation, and maintenance reports, manuals, and other documentation about software.
  • Assist in gathering and capturing user needs for documents
  • Aid in creating logical and physical standards
  • Investigate and assess a range of software products.
  • Create interactive CDs, DVDs, video game cartridges, and Internet-based applications using animation software according to predetermined parameters.
  • Install special effects software for movies and videos.
  • For e-commerce and other Internet applications, create, change, incorporate, and test software code.

Experience and Specialization:

Adobe Photoshop

  • C
  • C#
  • C++
  • MS Office
  • Microsoft Visual Studio

Additional Information:

  • A 40-hour workweek at $43.50 an hour
  • 5 or more years

How to Apply:

By email:

[email protected]

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