Cloud Engineer Job in Pakistan at Higher Education Commission

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We are pursuing skilled and enterprising persons for the post of Cloud Engineer Job in Pakistan at the Higher Education Commission. Suppose you want to be successful as a Cloud Engineer Job in Pakistan with your tireless and honest efforts.In that case,  this opportunity is yours which is an excellent choice to elucidate your future in the assortment of IT jobs in Pakistan.

Cloud Engineer Job
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Cloud Engineer Job Description:

Job TitleCloud Engineer Job in Pakistan at Higher Education Commission
CompanyHigher Education Commission, Pakistan
Posting PlaceIslamabad
Issue DateSep,12,2022
Employment TypeFull Time

Company Overview: 

The company is judicial anatomy and deployed by the Government of Pakistan, which was entrenched in 2002. Its primary objectives are capitalizing, supervising, synchronizing, and permitting the Higher Education organizations in the country. The company is accountable for acquiring higher education programs and integrity affirmation to confront international norms and procuring authorized educational extents, evolving modern foundations, edifying alive educational groups in Pakistan and Translating research for the public’s benefit. Promoting IT fields, the company hurled the latest IT jobs in Pakistan. They published the Cloud Engineer job on their official website

Job Description

1- Applicant must have at least eight years of familiarity in an appurtenant post

                                                                                                                                                                                                            2-  Applicants’ mandatory capability is a Master’s degree illustrated in the requirements, i.e. engineering, CS, information management, or synonymous fields from well-known and prestigious universities/institutions. Commission would be preferable to those candidates whose accreditation is connected to cloud technology.                                                                     

  • 3-  The maximum prerequisite age is 55 years in this listed job post.

Remember these essential points:                                                                                                                                                       >  Selected candidates would be persuaded to come up for the test.

>  If any application form is collected after the expected period or any part of the application of the candidates will be preliminary will not be contemplated.  
>  At the time of final selection/conference, applicants should carry the original manuscripts.                                                                      

Want to apply? 

If you are interested in the post of Cloud Engineer Job in Pakistan you can apply with easily and comfortably through the apply link and grow your proficiency with our highly qualified team

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