Cloud Alliances Leader |Google Cloud

Creative visual of business people in the corporate staff meeting . Concept of digital technology for marketing data analysis and investment decision making .

location: Remote – United States

Turing is looking for an excellent Cloud Alliances Leader|Google Cloud to join the founding Collaborations team in defining, establishing, and deepening strategic partnerships at Turing.

This function would entail creating and expanding relationships with cloud providers such as AWS, GCP, and Azure. This is an amazing opportunity for a motivated individual who wants to develop from the ground up. Who collaborate with many teams to create a unique value proposition and be a part of a rocketship. Turing has a strong strategic focus on partnerships. and the post would need tight collaboration with key stakeholders such as the Head of Partnerships, Head of Customer Success, Chief Revenue Officer, and CEO.

The scope of this post can expand significantly to include leadership roles as well as the opportunity to establish a team to support deeper connections. The ideal candidate for this post would have demonstrated expertise in dealing with cloud providers, preferably through partnerships as a Cloud Alliances Leader |Google Cloud. They should also have hands-on knowledge of cloud services and architectural design. They must be extremely motivated, have demonstrated performance qualities, and have outstanding interpersonal skills.

Cloud Alliances Leader |Google Cloud
Creative visual of business people in the corporate staff meeting. Concept of digital technology for marketing data analysis and investment decision making.

Qualifications required for Cloud Alliances Leader |Google Cloud:

  • Founded or owned alliances/partnerships, or been a key part of a highly successful one.
  • 12+ years of experience in jobs requiring strong technical, sales, and interpersonal abilities, such as technology consulting, partnerships, and technical sales roles.
  • Capability to organize and manage teams and projects
  • with strong interpersonal skills; demonstrated ability to gain the support of stakeholders from multiple business divisions
  • I have a passion for doing whatever it takes to tackle complicated challenges and establish scalable procedures with a strong inclination for action. ability to operate in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment.
  • Previous experience collaborating with cloud providers is essential.
  • Previous experience working on both the product and services (e.g., systems integration) sides of partnerships is a significant advantage.


  • Create a value proposition with the executive team, facilitate conversations, and promote collaboration with AWS, Microsoft, and Google Cloud.
  • Build and scale partnerships, including partner development, partner sales, and continual partnership depth enhancement.
  • On cloud principles, Internal sales personnel need training as to properly communicate the value case to their clients.
  • Assist sales account executives with technical help during the pre-sales process.
  • Collaborate with teams across product, technology, and operations to create learning and development programs that will allow cloud certifications.
  • Overcome partnership revenue targets by leading various cross-functional efforts.
  • There are individual duties in some jobs. But in this job, there is teamwork and color alliances leader |google cloud.


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