CAPSLOCK Part Time Cyber Security Bootcamp – October 2022

cyber training courses on the toughest and toughest campus

Employer      Capslock

Location        United Kingdom

Salary            NA

Closing date  21 Aug 2022

Sector             Training

Job Role        Apprentice, Graduate, Junior 

Job Type      Part Time


Overcoming financial and educational barriers means that anyone can apply for CAPSLOCK. You don’t need a degree, A-level, or specific cyber experience, and you don’t have to pay higher fees than before. We only want applicants who are passionate about cybersecurity, ready to learn, and motivated to change their careers CAPSLOCK Part Time Cyber Security. For more information on starting your new cyber career with CAPSLOCK, apply below.

CAPSLOCK Part Time Cyber Security

Entry Requirements:

● Comfortable, good basic IT knowledge using computer

● Motivation to learn new skills 

●Commitment to start a new cyber career

 Course Review:

Issue 1: People and Action, Week 1-3 

Issue 2: Design Security, Week 4-6 

Issue 3: Identification and Access Management, Week 7-9 

Issue 4: Aggressive and Defence Security, Week 10-12 Week 

Issue 5: Incident Response and Business Continuity , 13-15 Weeks 

Plus: Career Coaching and Impact Skills, Weeks 1-16

Teaching Outcomes: 

●Basic Principles of Technology

●Emerging Technologies

● Basic Principles of Networks

● Basic Scripting

●Operating Systems

● Application Security (SDLC)


● Endpoint Protection

 ●Pen Testing

●Cloud Infrastructure

 ●Security Architecture 

● SOC 

● Threatened 

● Industrial Control Systems 

● Big Data 

● IoT


● Supply Chain Security 

●Threatened Intelligence 


● Governance

●Physical Protection

● Business Flexibility

● Rules

●Regulations and Standards

●Risk Management

How to learn Impact Skills

●Professional Communication 

● Patronage and Community 

● CPD 

● Teamwork 

● Presentation and Public Speaking 

● Problem Solving 

● Career Counselling Next Part Time Start Date: 10.10.22 – Application Deadline 21.08.22 



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