CAPSLOCK Full Time Cyber Security Bootcamp – September 2022

CAPSLOCK Full Time Cyber Security Bootcamp - September 2022

We only want applicants who are passionate about Cyber Security Bootcamp, willing to learn, and motivated to change their careers.

  • Employer                   Capslock
  • Location                     United Kingdom
  • Salary                         N/A         
  • Closing date               22 Aug 2022
  • Sector                        Training
  • Job Role                    Apprentice, Cyber Security Consultant, Graduate, Junior
  • Job Type                   Permanent

CAPSLOCK’s full-time cyber security bootcamps are highly rigorous and rigorous retraining courses, designed to fully reskill mature learners into competent cyber professionals in 4 months. There is no upfront cost involved because we use income share agreements (more on that later). And no, you don’t need current cyber knowledge to apply. This makes our courses ideal for cyber security beginners, but are also suitable for IT professionals looking to gain expertise.

This education is delivered live online by industry professionals, through a revolutionary curriculum tailored to the role of the job entry and the needs of the employer. The idea is to combine the academic rigour of a master’s degree with the speed and practicality of a boot camp, allowing learners to enter the cybersecurity industry with high-quality cyber knowledge and experience.

During your time on the CAPSLOCK course, you’ll attend over 360 hours of live, instructor-led tuition and have full access to our digital campus and virtual cyber labs. The full-time course takes 16 weeks (Monday to Friday, 09:30-14:30), but there is the option to study part-time if you wish. The curriculum was developed by former lecturers who worked with some of the UK’s largest cyber security employers to develop the Cyber ​​Security Master’s degree for the University of Bradford. This ensures that you graduate with the skills and experience needed by cyber businesses.

CAPSLOCK Full Time Cyber Security Bootcamp - September 2022
CAPSLOCK Full Time Cyber Security Bootcamp – September 2022

The course itself covers a broad scope of cyber fundamentals, including business understanding, cyber ethics and culture, governance, risk and compliance, offensive and defensive security, and cloud security. Classes revolve around team-based learning and problem-based learning, meaning learners work as part of a team to solve real-world cybersecurity problems. It simulates a realistic working environment, and creates an immersive learning experience that encourages engagement, exploration, innovation and confidence Cyber Security Bootcamp.

The course also includes 5 respected and sought-after cyber competencies: CompTIA Security+, CAPSLOCK Ce-CSP, ISO 27001 Foundation, CISMP and CSSK. It’s a comprehensive package that helps you retrain in cyber and earn industry-recognized certifications. You’ll also have access to CAPSLOCK’s extensive pastoral support network, including 1-2-1 career support and guidance, coaching, and industry mentoring.

Recent CAPSLOCK graduates have been employed by the BBC, ITV, Dyson, NCC Group, Hargreaves Lansdown, and many others. Graduates are seeing an average annual salary increase of £13.3K in their new cyber roles. We have helped a professional dancer become a SOC analyst, a composer become a cyber training and awareness officer, and a supermarket assistant become a vulnerability analyst among others.

And the best of all? You don’t have to pay upfront for any of this. Instead of charging tuition fees to learners, we use the Income Share Agreement (ISA) model, and are the largest provider of ISAs in the UK. You pay back 15% of your monthly earnings for 36 months after the course, but only once you’re earning over £27,000. ISAs aren’t classed as a personal loan, they’re always affordable, and repayments stop if your income falls below £27,000. There are other funding options, such as student loans. You also have the option of paying up front if you can Cyber Security Bootcamp.

Removing financial and educational barriers means anyone can apply for CAPSLOCK. You don’t need a degree, A-level, or specific cyber experience, and you don’t need to charge huge upfront fees.

For more information on starting your new cyber career with CAPSLOCK, click below.

Entry Requirements:

● Comfortable using computers, good basic IT knowledge

● Motivation to learn new skills

● Commitment to start a new cyber career

Course Overview:

Problem Area 1: People and Process, Weeks 1-3

Problem Area 2: Security by Design, Weeks 4-6

Issue 3: Identity and Access Management, Weeks 7-9

Issue 4: Offensive and Defensive Security, 10-12 weeks

Problem Area 5: Incident Response and Business Continuity, 13-15 weeks

Plus: Career Coaching and Impact Skills, Weeks 1-16

Learning Outcomes:

Basic principles of technology

● Emerging technologies

● Network fundamentals

● Basic script

● Operating systems

● Application Security (SDLC)

● Malware

● Endpoint protection

● Pen testing

● Cloud infrastructure

● Applied Cryptography.

● Security architecture


● Victim of intimidation

● Industrial control system

● Big data

● IoT


● Supply chain security

● Threat intelligence

● Outsourcing

● Governance

● Physical protection

● Business flexibility

● Laws, regulations and standards

● Risk Management

● MI and metrics

the process

● Basic principles of forensics

● Audit


● Incident management


● Ethics

● Policy

● Human factors

● Business understanding

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