business intelligence developer in Germany

 Hannover, Germany

 Full time Data Engineering Business Intelligence Artificial Intelligence Statistics Biostatistics

We are hiring a Business intelligence developer in Germany. Our team needs a dedicated and enthusiastic person. We want to bring improvements in further development of the data warehouse and the implementation of business intelligence methods for the companies in the VGH association. If you are looking for latest IT jobs in Germany then, this is the right place for you.


  • As a business intelligence developer in Germany, you will provide concept and development of modern BI solutions
  • Capable to record, analyze and evaluate the needs of the customer
  • Must give suggestions about project design and responsible for technical execution
  • You will be responsible for project control and its management
  • Must share your experience and knowledge with team members
  • You will arrange regular training courses
  • Ability to participate in the further development of the applications
  • Must arrange coordination with the “Data & Analytics” development teams
business intelligence developer in Germany


  • You must have successfully completed studies in computer science and business informatics
  • Working experience in the execution of projects in IBM Planning Analytics
  • Excellent understanding in making a modern BI landscape
  • Superb knowledge of the business environment
  • You must have great analytical thinking skills
  • Capable to handle the difficult technical issues in a simple way that is easy to understand
  • Great skills to solve problems
  • Passionate to work with highly supportive and dedicated

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  • You will enjoy a permanent employment relationship with us
  • Flexible and comfortable working environment and home office option
  • You will get company pension scheme
  • We offer superb training and further education offer for professional training
  • Opportunities to start your career in a great manner
  • Enjoy an attractive location in the heart of Hanover

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