Bilingual Call Center Jobs Ontario

Bilingual Call Center Jobs Ontario

A company is seeking qualified applicants for the Bilingual Call Center Jobs in Ontario. Applications are presently being accepted for the role. A renowned IT organization will make a job offer to the chosen individual. The organization seeks a passionate local applicant for the Bilingual Call Center Jobs in Ontario. In other words, the firm is seeking a local employee. Visit our website to discover more about these jobs and the many opportunities available in Canada’s information and computer technology industries, including IT Jobs In Canada.

About the Role:

  • Help consumers by assisting them in accurately and promptly completing daily sales orders. 
  • Order entry and delivery-related difficulties should be handled and resolved to promote goodwill among internal and external clients. 
  • Also, assuring quick resolution of issues. 
  • Possesses a fundamental understanding of items and marketing campaigns. 
  • When assigned, assists with departmental tasks.


  • Organize and record sales orders.
  • Provide assistance to incoming calls from the General and Customer Service lines.
  • Help consumers find solutions to problems with product availability and delivery.
  • Calls from outbound sales representatives to current clients.
  • Keep track of client accounts across many databases.
  • Help third-party CCA with inquiries and issue resolution.
  • Organize the creation of new accounts.
  • As outlined by corporate SOP, report negative incidents, product complaints, and enquiries.
  • Consult with internal and external customers on current promotions.
  • Carry out a variety of administrative responsibilities required for the department to operate.
  • SAP Customer Service CRM knowledge is crucial.

Position Requirements:

  • Preferably with post-secondary education.
  • Two years of relevant customer service experience.
  • It is essential to have excellent written and verbal communication skills in both English and French.
  • Ability to follow written, spoken, or diagrammed directions with common sense comprehension.
  • It is necessary to have strong leadership abilities, active listening and problem-solving capabilities, and telephone communication skills.
  • the capacity to use a computer, Microsoft Office applications, and a phone
  • Proven capacity to work independently, collaborate well and multitask and prioritize.


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