Assistant Editor and Writer Fully Remote Job at MCC

Assistant Editor and Writer
Assistant Editor and Writer

Location: USA Only
Job: Full-Time

About MCC

Before describing the Assistant and Writer Remote Job, We tell about ourselves:
MCC is a non-profit organization with a global reach dedicated to spreading God’s love and empathy for all by providing relief, promoting development, and working toward peace. Our approach relies on building strong relationships with local partners and churches.

Essentials For Job

The following are the requirements for the “Assistant Editor and Writer” post.

  1.  Qualifications: To qualify for this role, candidates must hold a Bachelor’s degree in editing and copywriting or have at least three years of equivalent experience. In addition, they should possess three years of relevant experience in writing, editing, or journalism.
  2. The ideal candidate should demonstrate outstanding writing abilities across multiple styles, such as magazine writing and crafting compelling marketing and fundraising materials. They should also be open to collaborating with diverse print and email content.
  3. Capable of conducting frequent oral and written communication with service workers, staff, and management to collect facts for stories.
  4. The ideal candidate must exhibit high attentiveness to detail and a firm dedication to ensuring precision and accuracy in their work.
  5. The successful candidate should be able to manage multiple assignments and projects simultaneously while adhering to tight deadlines.
  6. Knowing P.C./Internet/Email/M.S. Office.
  7. Fluent in English and committed to learning MCC’s history, brand, and central messaging.
  8. Able to balance various perspectives and stakeholders, including international and diverse ones.
  9. They have demonstrated the ability to amplify the voices and perspectives of people of color through various communication methods.

Employment eligibility

Candidates for the Assistant editor and writer post must have legal authorization to work in the United States. Any job offers extended by MCC will be contingent on the candidate’s successful completion of criminal background check(s).


For the “Assistant Editor and Writer” Remote Job candidate has following
will be preferred.

  1. Familiarity with Associated Press style.
  2. Previous experience in writing for marketing and fundraising purposes.
  3. Proficient in creating various forms of written and email content.
  4. Skilled in storytelling within a non-profit context.

The Assistant Editor/Writer oversees the day-to-day operations of significant print pieces, ensuring that content creation for publications proceeds according to schedule.

This position involves the creation of content based on interviews and material provided by MCC programs worldwide while adhering to MCC’s focus themes and Communications and Donor Relations requirements.
The Assistant Editor/Writer must possess the ability to write and edit content in various styles, ranging from playful tones used in Christmas-giving emails and marketing text to letters that form a crucial part of our outreach to donors and the magazine-style writing present in A Common Place.
Under the guidance of the Senior Editor, the Assistant Editor/Writer works as a member of the MCC U.S. Communications Department.

The department’s primary objective is to encourage people to engage with MCC’s mission of addressing fundamental needs and promoting peace and justice in the name of Christ by providing top-notch, engaging, and relevant communication tools and resources.
Its three goals for communications are to:

  1. Assist in advancing MCC’s ministry by providing necessary support.
  2. Actively engage with existing and potential supporters and audiences.
  3. Provide an efficient and effective range of communication materials to deliver the desired message.


Assistant Editor and Writer at MCC can get the following benefits when they secure this position.
This position offers a salary compensation with a starting minimum of $41,553.00, which may be set to $46,170.00, depending on previous experience. The role includes a comprehensive benefits package comprising medical, dental, and vision insurance, 23 days of paid vacation, sick time, and nine holidays per year.

Life insurance, long and short-term disability coverage and a retirement plan with an MCC contribution of 7% are also included in it. While the preferred location for this position is Akron, PA, hybrid or remote work arrangements may be possible.
While the position is mainly based out of Akron, PA, there is a preference for a hybrid employment arrangement. However, remote work options may be possible if the candidate is located in a state where MCC is registered as an employer.

Assistant Editor and Writer
Assistant Editor and Writer

Challenges at MCC

The Assistant Editor and Writer’s key responsibilities are split into three categories: administration/coordination, technical/language, and relationship building.

The breakdown of the duties is as follows: 40% for administration/coordination tasks, 40% for technical/language tasks, and 20% for relationship-building tasks.


As the Assistant Editor, you will ensure the time for writing and editing progress for each A Common Place magazine issue. Collaborating closely with the Senior Editor, you will assign content and oversee the proofing, editing, and approval process.

You as an Assitant editor and writer will also coordinate content collection for major print pieces and work with the Graphic Design, Marketing, and Production Coordinator to select relevant photos. Additionally, you will write content for digital or letter content to accompany the annual report as required. You will also oversee yearly projects such as the MCC wall calendar, ensuring they are edited, proofread, and approved on schedule.

Technical/language- Writing and Editing

As the Assistant Editor and Writer, lead editing and copyediting articles for A Common Place and other MCC publications. In addition to this, serve in various editing roles as required.

Be responsible for gathering and writing or editing content, including traveling occasionally, but not more than once or twice a year. Manage content picked by freelance photographers and other international content gatherers.

Write or edit content in various styles and lengths for diverse projects, such as articles for Anabaptist publications, outreach letters for Donor Relations, or marketing text for promoting Christmas giving.

Assistant Editor and Writer
Assistant Editor and Writer

Relationship Building

Our Assistant Editor and Writer Collaborate with MCC staff across the globe to ensure that content is timely, accurate, and meets MCC’s focus themes for publications.

Coordinate with teams worldwide to gather content and address any questions during content collection. 

Work closely with other departments and teams within MCC U.S. and Canada to ensure that accurate and appropriate content is available when needed. Assist with other duties as assigned temporarily to support MCC’s overall mission and objectives.

How to Apply

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