Jam.gg is Hiring an Art Director for a fully remote job.

Art Director
Art Director

Location: Europe Only
Job Nature: Full-Time

Who are we?

Before describing the Art Director  Remote job, we will tell you about Jam.gg 

Jam.gg is a fun and inclusive cloud gaming platform that anyone can access directly from their web browser without needing high-speed internet. 

It’s all about connecting people through games and bringing back childhood creativity and playfulness.

Jam.gg is a rapidly growing cloud gaming platform led by an experienced team of leaders from Google, Twitter, Amazon, EA, King, Docker, and other top tech firms. 

We have the support of renowned VC firms and LEGO Ventures and have established ourselves as a go-to platform for gaming in several countries. As we expand our Studio Department, we seek talented and self-starting individuals who wish to manage unique and challenging projects in a collaborative and inclusive environment.

What will you be doing

As an Art Director, you will have to do the following tasks:

  1. Set and maintain the overall art direction for a groundbreaking game in alignment with the company vision.
  2. Develop and mentor a small team of independent and talented artists, ensuring optimal staffing to meet production needs.
  3. Work hands-on throughout the game development process, setting the standard for other artists to follow.
  4. Be part of a creative, challenging, collaborative development team where your artistic ideas and expertise are highly valued.
Art Director
Art Director

What we are looking for

For the Art Director post, we are looking for the following qualities in an individual.

  1. Proven expertise in the initial game development phase and establishing artistic direction from the ground up.
  2. The candidate has demonstrated success in managing and developing teams, with a strong record of leadership.
  3. A comprehensive understanding of all stages of the 3D production process and the tools used throughout.
  4. Proficient in character and environment sculpting and modeling.
  5. The candidate has Skilled in color and lighting for creating visually appealing graphics.
  6. Knowledgeable about technical limitations in mobile development and asset optimization.
  7. Familiarity with open-world MMO-style games as a Art Director.

Desirable additional skills

As Art Designer we all require the following extra skills:

  1. Proficient in technical art, Unity (VFX, lighting, and shaders), 3D rigging, and animation
  2. Knowledgeable in UI/UX design principles and skilled in creating wireframes
  3. Experienced in remote work and team management for artists
  4. Familiar with external production and outsourcing
  5. Proficient in cel shading/toon-shading art styles
Art Director
Art Director


After getting the Post of an Art Designer, the individual will enjoy the following benefits.

  1. Minimum five weeks of unlimited holiday leave
  2. Monthly well-being allowance for mental and physical health (e.g., sports, massage)
  3. Home office allowance for remote work
  4. Flexible working hours
  5. Equal pay policy for all employees
  6. Equal maternity, paternity, and adoption leave of 18 weeks after 1 year of seniority
  7. Maternity, paternity, and adoption subsidy of 3k euros after 1 year of seniority
  8. Stock option plan available
  9. Health insurance compensation on a one-to-one basis based on geographical location and company policy
  10. Additional benefits are offered based on geographical location.

How to Apply

If you read all the instructions for the “Art Director” Fully remote job, click the Apply Now button below and submit your resume!

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