Application Tester Job In Mississauga

Senior Manager Application

We are looking for eligible candidates to fill the position of Application Tester Job In Mississauga. The post is currently open for applications. A significant information technology company will make a job offer to the candidate for the post. To fill a vacancy for an Application Tester Job In Mississauga, the organization is looking for a local candidate that is enthusiastic about the job. In all other words, the company is looking for a local worker. Visit this website to find out more about these careers, as well as the numerous career paths provided by Canadian firms in the computer and information technology industries, including openings for IT Jobs In Canada.


  • Software testing strategies should be created and recorded.
  • Ensure that the software, hardware, and operating system are installed and configured before the testing begins.
  • Measure and record the performance of software applications, information systems, and telecommunications systems.
  • Test software and information systems by developing rules and processes.

Experience and Specialization:

  • JavaOS
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • College/CEGEP
  • Comparable experience
  • Computer technology
  • Programming for systems, other
  • Science of computers
  • Services and assistance related to computer and information sciences, other
  • General Engineering Technology
  • General Technology/technician in computer engineering
  • Technology relating to computers and computer systems
  • Technology/technician in computer software
  • General Management information systems
  • Three to five years or less


Other perks

  • There is free parking.
  • Facilities on-site

How to Apply:

  • Cover Letter

By email:

[email protected]

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