AI Artist Creator At Contra Fully Remote Job

AI Artist Creator
AI Artist Creator

Location: Worldwide
Job Nature: Full-Time

About Us

Before describing AI Artist Creator Remote Job, we will tell you who we are.
At Contra, our goal is to support and empower the independent community. At Contra, we empower individuals to work on their own terms by offering paid opportunities that support their independence.
Our platform enables independents to showcase their skills through a digital portfolio, increase their visibility to clients worldwide, and earn income without commissions.
Additionally, we connect clients with exceptional independent talent, creating a win-win situation for both parties. We firmly believe in allowing people to work in a way that suits them best.

Contra as an AI Artist

If you’re an AI artist with expertise in DALL-E, Midjourney, and Stable Fusion and enjoy sharing your knowledge with others, we invite you to join the Contra Creator program.

As a member of this program, you’ll be able to showcase your unique skillset by creating and sharing high-quality projects related to AI Art.

Your work will be featured as AI Artist Creator on Contra and across the web, allowing you to build an impressive portfolio of your creations. For each 1-month project, you will be compensated $2000 USD according to the following scope.

AI Artist Creator
AI Artist Creator


Joining as an AI Artist at contra have the following scope:
As a participant in the Contra Creator program, you’ll have the opportunity to create and share 8-10 top-notch projects that will be featured on your Contra portfolio.
We’ll work with you to identify the most beneficial topics for your portfolio and conduct SEO research to ensure maximum visibility for your work.
All content will be hosted on your custom domain within your Contra portfolio (and we can help you obtain one if you still need to get it) by the AI Artist Creator.
We’ll also ensure your content is optimized for sharing and engagement across various social media platforms and online channels.
Finally, we encourage you to share your work with your social network and relevant online communities to increase its exposure.

What We’re Looking For

For our AI Artist Remote Job, we are to looking for

  1. Proficient in creating and editing top-notch content
  2. Extensive expertise in the field of AI
  3. Actively engaged in social media with knowledge of effective engagement strategies (a plus)
AI Artist
AI Artist

What You’ll Get

After Joining as an AI Artist Remote, you will get the following bonuses

  1. Create an impressive portfolio that showcases your skills and talents
  2. Enhance your reputation as an independent professional through your work on Contra
  3. Increase your visibility and exposure to potential clients looking for your unique expertise
  4. Connect and network with a community of like-minded freelancers and thought leaders.
AI Artist Creator
AI Artist Creator

How to Apply

If you read all the instructions for the “full-Stack Developer” Fully remote job, click the Apply Now button below

we as a team find the IT related job and some other on a daily basis to help our visitor. If you need any guidance email us our visit our site.


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